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Dear loved ones and faithful partners,

I would like to share a message from Tend International who we partner with in South Africa.  Together we can make a difference.  Here is what they said:

“On the 12th of January 2012, we employed the Mawenis to help with the planting of the seedlings. On the 19th of January 2012, I visited the Mawenis.

I found a very sick, emaciated Dinah and one of her children lying on the floor, covered with flies. The corrugated iron walls were covered with thick black plastic to keep the rain out. On a hot day in theFree State, however, the heat in the shack was unbearable. Also, due to the lack of space, there is no place for a bed or any furniture and they cook their meals outside.  Mamojalefa told me that both Dinah and herself have been diagnosed with TB.  The clinic is a 4km walk from home and I gathered that it was not an easy journey for Dinah.

Mamojalefa Maweni, 60 years of age, heads the family of 19 members. Her husband, Petrus, a farm labourer died of cancer last year. Mamojalefa has no identity document and has not registered the birth of any of her children.

I have done the following:

  1. Arranged that each member of the family be tested for TB on the 20th of January 2011.  Sadly, it was confirmed that both Dinah and her 4year old Tsepang have the HIV virus. Fortunately, the rest of the family is in good health.
  2. 25kg maize, 5kg beans and 5x 500g soya and clothing donated to the family.
  3. 8 of the children are being fed daily by Rosinah
  4. I telephoned the Dept of Home Affairs in Bloemfontein who informed me to obtain the clinic cards, affidavits from the schools and farmer to begin the process of the late registration of births. Once they are in possession of identity documents they would be able to apply for the pension for Mamojalefa and child grants for the little ones. The older members would also be in a position to gain employment.
  5. Arranged with a nurse visit and discussed family planning with the family. Due to the fact that none of the family members have identity documents, they are not assisted by the clinic.

Thank you for touching the lives of the Maweni family. Without the donations and your dedication to make this world a better place, we would never have met the Maweni family.”

Intrepid Heart Ministries
P.O. Box 13847
Ogden, UT 84412-3847

Dearest friends and partners, February 2012

It is a joy to partner with you in the Kingdom! Each year we send out mission fundraising letters as directed by our leadership and advisory teams. We believe these letters open up the opportunity for others to sow into the dream God has given us. We are honored to be going to Argentina February 21-27. Gabi, Mary and I are going as intercessory missionaries to prepare the way for the Lord to begin a new ministry work. It has been a dream in my heart since 1997 to go to Argentina. I have waited for the Lord to make the way and I am anticipating great opportunities to share the HEAL Mandate. (see for HEAL Mandate)

Cindy and I are returning to S. Africa in March. We will get to see the new vegetable gardens that your gifts helped to plant. These gardens will feed the orphans and widows in the Weppner area. When we were there last year I did not have enough funds to buy the needed supplies. As I handed our small bag of rice to a woman with AIDs, and to her family to feed, the tears could not be stopped. I heard the Lord speak to me that I was now accountable to what I have seen, and that we were His answer to their prayers. I believe this year will be different, and we will be able to buy shoes, supplies and other food needed. We are taking our steps of faith; will you step out in faith with us?

Funds needed for Mission Trips:
Argentina: $1500
S. Africa: $2000 for travel and expenses; $2000 for supplies
HOPE Storehouse fundraising to begin soon!

The Lord has given me a dream to build a HOPE Storehouse in S. Africa. This storehouse would be filled with supplies that could easily be released all throughout Africa. Dream with us!! Now is the time!

And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42

Would you decree and agree with us that we are fully funded, partners join us, and sources of income open up so there are no limitations to God’s dream! Thank you for your continued prayers, support and financial gifts. We are able to go and sow the healing love of the gospel of Jesus Christ because of you!

In His compassionate love,

Tracee Anne Loosle
Founder, Intrepid Heart Ministries

Please send your gift to the address above, or go to our website and go to the donate page.

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