August 2014 Birth Month Blessing



August Birth Month Blessing

Tracee Anne Loosle



This year will be will marked with an increase of JOY! The Lord is opening a floodgate of joy to you that will wash away disappointment, sorrow, and grief. Losses will be turned around into a gateway of praise. Blessings are coming, as God imparts an attitude of gratitude to you that shifts atmospheres. An effervescent elixir of Hope is being offered to you this year.

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    • Heather Ruth on August 2, 2014 at 5:21 am
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    I receive and agree in Jesus’ name!
    This certainly echoes what God has been ministering to my heart. Fullness of joy; the satisfaction of answered prayer; no more hope deference; restoration of years and things that the canker worm has stolen.

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