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May 2017 Birth Month Blessing

  05/02/2017 Abounding grace is available as you step into the fullness of your destiny. Many trials and tears watered your beautiful garden of promise. With tender care the Gardner has prepared your heart to bring forth a beautiful fragrance of His healing love. Now is your time of flourishing.     Joyfully, Tracee Anne …

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Arise South Africa

Arise South Africa – recorded on 03-04-2015, in South Africa by Tracee Anne Loosle. A message of hope for the Nations!    

South Africa it is time to Arise!

February 2015   Your hour of deliverance is nigh. For the Lord has called you to be a mighty sheep nation. A nation of justice and truth. A people who know the voice of the Shepherd. Those who follow His will. Those who go where His path leads. Those who lead others to green pastures …

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May 2015 Birth Month Blessing

  There is a sound of celebration being released from heaven to earth over you. This sound will release joy to you, as you listen with your heart. A heart that hears heaven’s sound is tuned into the Father’s love frequency. Being fine-tuned to His love frequency causes everything in your life to align and …

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April 2015 Birth Month Blessing

APRIL BIRTH MONTH BLESSING Precious son, precious daughter; The Lord sees the path you are embarking upon in this season. It is His great pleasure to light your path with the grace of His power. His power is being released to you to overcome, to heal and to love. His great love for you will …

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March 2015 Birth Month Blessing

  You have crossed over a threshold of grace. You are entering a realm you have never been in before. A laid down, humble heart is the access code. In this place you will experience the width, breadth, length, and depths of Holy Love. Trust the Helper to lead you as you navigate through this …

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February 2015 Birth Month Blessing

February Birth Month Blessing I hear the Lord saying He will make Himself known to you. If you will seek Him, you will find Him in unusual places this year. He longs to draw you into unbroken fellowship, wrapping you in colors of Love, Grace and Glory. His heart is opening a door of discovery before …

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January 2015 Birth Month Blessing

Get ready to experience an increase in joy and peace, even in the midst of storm winds. God is establishing you in the center of His heart. In this place a calm, steadfast confidence in God is strengthening you. You will be a rope of hope to many around you. The word of the Lord …

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