February 2020 Birth Month Blessing

February Birth Month Blessing


Stones are being rolled away and what you thought was dead is coming to life. Promises are blossoming and will burst forth by the grace of our Father who loves you. Don’t look back with regret. Keep your eyes focused and your heart thankful. You are being showered with the refreshing rain of restoration. Joyfully,

January 2020 Birth Month Blessing

It may seem your life is only a small stone releasing a small ripple. Aha, think on this and be encouraged; every ripple makes an impact. Be strengthened in the Lord’s joy for you are the stone in His hand making ripples. You will hit the mark of excellence and leave an imprint of His love. Joyfully,

Joyous Holidays from Intrepid Heart


May you experience the grace of Our Father’s love. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Happy Christmas-Hanukkah, and glorious grace filled New Year!

Love & Giving Grace



Randy & Tracee Anne


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December 2019 Birth Month Blessing


December Birth Month Blessing

Christ came to give you an abundant life. He is waiting to open up to you gifts from His heart to yours. He pours out blessings of grace to strengthen you. His joy will make your heart overflow. Receive His gifts wrapped in faith, hope and love.


November 2019 Birth Month Blessing


There is a table prepared in the presence of Love for you. The One who is Love, God the Father, is waiting for you to come. In His presence you will surely find His joy strengthening you. Your cup will overflow and you will have more than enough to share with others.


September Lovelutionaries Update

Greetings Beloved Friends,

What a great time we live in! The harvest is ready and we are ready to go! Thank you for standing with us through every season. I am anticipating a powerful time when I return to Recife, Brazil to be with Shores of Grace this November 14-24. As a board member and mama I am honored to go love, equip and strengthen the team. We will go to the streets sharing the love of God, and His good news.

I am serving the Reformation Prayer Network for Southern California. I have the opportunity to partner with other prayer warriors to bring transformation. The Lord spoke to me moving to California would not be easy. Let me say how correct this assessment is. There is hopelessness, despair, homeless crisis, plagues threatening and a political atmosphere strangling the freedom of religion, holy love and our liberty to be an economic democracy. But God is bigger! He spoke to my heart it would be like when I have traveled to India and have seen Him move in power in a place where thousands of gods are worshiped. In the midst of a land where souls have wandered, there is the sound of awakening as the faithful have stood in this land believing the Word of the Lord. I have a blueprint from the Lord for a specific prayer assignment in multiple locations in the state. This will take time and resources.

I am excited for the open door to go to the precious Native American reservations. I recently watched an old movie about the life of John Clum, Walk The Proud Land. I was inspired, moved with compassion for this special assignment. Prayers appreciated.

I had a dream a few months ago about returning to South Africa. Randy and I sought the Lord and I almost returned in August, but am still waiting. Since then I have had 2 more dreams. I know my return is the Father’s heart and He has an appointed time.

We seek the Father for His heart and purpose for each Lovelution Missions Journey. As I go I pay my way as missionary. When I speak, if I receive an honorarium it is sowed into the mission. Partnership helps us to do more. There are many expenses a non-profit is responsible for. We seek to be above reproach and follow all the requirements to maintain our 501(c)3 status. We thank God for His help and empowerment, and those of you who stand with us. We pray faithfully for you and everything concerning your life. We would like to invite you to pray with us for new partners and streams of income for IHM to move forward through the doors the Lord opens.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful. Colossians 3:15 NASB

With A Thankful Heart,

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October 2019 Birth Month Blessing

The Lord desires to kiss your heart to awaken deeper intimacy. His kiss is life-giving bliss. His love is a blessing of hope for every day!

September 2019 Birth Month Blessing

September Birth Month Blessing

Our Father, the keeper of your heart is blessing you with peace. Peace where He can implant His word of hope into you. The implanted word will empower you with faith. Faith in His love is producing a garden of trust.