Blueprint in a Name


Blueprint in a Name

What is in a name? I am pondering this question, because 20 years ago on May 9, 1999, the Lord named Intrepid Heart Ministries. At the time, I was reading about the church in Rick Joyner’s book,The Call.

“My church is the book that I am writing, and the whole world is about to read it. Until now, the world has wanted to read the book that the evil one has written about My church, but soon I will release My book.”1

Rick wrote about the apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers. Twenty years ago, the calling of the evangelists stood out to me. I highlighted the section with parenthesis, and above it, I wrote Intrepid Heart Ministries within a heart.

I remember reading this book and being struck with the passion and call of God. I discovered Tracee meant –intrepid. When the Lord said to name the ministry, Intrepid Heart Ministries, He was calling me to live with an intrepid heart myself. Intrepid means fearless, bold, undaunted, courageous, valiant, heroic, resolute, brave, and dauntless.

The paragraph I highlighted reads:

“I am about to release My last-day evangelists. I will give them a cup of joy that will never run out. They will heal the sick and cast out devils; they will love Me and love righteousness; they will carry their crosses every day, not living for themselves but for Me.  Through them, the world will know that I live and that I have been given all authority and power.These are the fearless oneswho will attack the gates of the enemy and raid the dark places of the earth, leading many to My salvation.” 2

I still recall the impact this book had on my life, as if it were yesterday!

Father has called me to heal and awaken hearts, so His sons and daughters will walk in the fullness of their destiny, free from fear.

As I reflect on this 20-year mark, I am compelled to re-evaluate where I am and where I am going. As I sit with Jesus, I’m asking the hard questions – where is Jesus, where is He leading me, and am I on track with Him? I’m allowing Him to reveal and deal with pain, disappointment, feelings of failure, rejection, wounds I’ve caused, and wounds piercing my soul. Thank God wounds heal when we go to Him. I’m also celebrating the many victories and testimonies of God’s glory and goodness.

I will share, in future updates, the lessons learned, the process, and many of the victories, as this fruit brings honor to Jesus. I lay this all at His feet.

A name given spoke of destiny. The Intrepid Heart calling has never been about me being known or being someone. It has always been about the Lord calling His people into their divine purpose. He had me write the vision in a poetic form, to prophesy what He would do through me.   

Intrepid Heart

By Tracee Anne Loosle

Intrepid hearts are rising
from their slumber
Awakening in the dawn of the
 bright morning star
Messengers of holy radical love
 dispelling darkness
Ministers of blazing fire and
everlasting love
In His hands weapons fashioned
 from praise
Songs of freedom releasing an
 army of worshipers
Wooing His sons and daughters
awake and arise
His call reverberating
‘do not be afraid’
Be strong and courageous in
 God’s mighty power
Be filled with Holy Spirit’s
 burning passion
Setting hearts aflame for the
 love of Jesus
Sealed in the intrepid heart
of the Father

I clearly see His vision woven into the fabric of this ministry He entrusted to me. He deserves all the glory!

So what is in a name? All throughout the Bible, we see the importance of names and knowing their meaning. When we know the Names of God and their meaning, we get a glimpse of who He is. Knowing the One, Who Was, Who Is, and Who Will Always Be is not just head knowledge. Every Name of God reveals His nature and character, and we are invited to know Him this way. This literally means Who He is and What He Does!

When my parents named me Tracee, they did not know its meaning. Tracee also meansharvester; and, I recently discovered in Gaelic, Tracee meanswarrior. Until Holy Spirit filled me, empowered me, and began to take possession of me, I did not manifest the attributes of my name. When the Lord revealed to me what my name meant, He invited me into the process of becomingwho He says I am. My part was to say, “Yes.” Myyesled to surrender; and, surrender led me on the journey of being and becoming.

As I celebrate all God has done, I also ask for your prayers – to clearly discern the next steps of being Intrepid, and leading others into their intrepid identity. I know we are getting ready to birth the next aspect of the ministry. Through these updates, I will share the history and the current-future vision of Intrepid Heart.

Thank you, to everyone who has partnered with us in prayer, sowing, standing, believing, and agreeing with the Word of God. I invite you to be one of our new partners, sowing in faith into this next phase of Intrepid Heart Ministries. I believe we are stepping into a double portion season! The best is yet to come!

Onward and upward,


1,2Joyner, Rick,The Call(Whitaker House, 1999)

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