Breakie Awakening & December Update

It is December, nearing the end of 2012 and I want to share with you what the Lord has had me partnering with Him in this year. It is the birthing of promises that began to spring forth in 1997 and following. My heart, soul and spirit have come fully alive as I have seen Holy Spirit move in amazing ways while my path intersects with others who have heard the awakening call to believe God for a Lovelution movement that will bring many into the kingdom.

Breakie, Breakie Awakening

In the spring of 2011 I went to S. Africa. We were also in Lesotho.  Before my trip the Lord had spoken very clearly to me that He had started a move of His Spirit through William Branham, but that the people didn’t allow what the Father intended and it ended early.  He stirred up in me His desire for this long dormant movement to awaken in S. Africa.  While in Lesotho I wanted to go to a field where William Branham had preached because I had read of the miracles he had seen. I said to Jenn, my personal assistant at that time, “we need to do that Breakie Breakie thing.”

Jenn laughed and said, “It’s Wakey, Wakey”. (Beni Johnson shares the history of “Wakey, Wakey”, about how an angel appeared at Moriah Chapel in Wales to a young woman when she simply obeyed the Lord and shouted, “Wakey, Wakey”).

I knew it was not a mistake that out of my mouth came “Breakie, breakie”. It was the Lord. I replied, “With Beni Johnson it’s ‘wakey, wakey’, but with me it is ‘breakie, breakie’ because I carry a breaker anointing!”

We were not able to get to the field because we did not have time.  However, another plan opened up.  When Jenn and I arrived in Durban a few days later I shared with Phill Olson what the Lord had spoken to me.  I shared about wanting to awaken the move that had ended and was dormant and the disappointment I felt about not getting to the field in Lesotho.  Phill shared with us that he could take us to the place William Branham had spoken at in Durban!  It was the racetrack in the center of town. I became very excited at God’s plan superseding mine!


That Saturday Phill, his wife Barb, Beckie, Jenn and I went to the racetrack in Durban where William Branham had held healing meetings. We stood up on a cement platform and faced the grandstands. On the count of three I had everyone shout with me “Breakie, Breakie”!  We shouted in unison, then Barb shouted, “Wakey, Wakey”.  The Lord told me to sing the first verse of “Amazing Grace” so I sang!  Then He spoke to me that He would confirm to me through someone that what we had just done was Him.  I didn’t tell anyone this.  Here is Phil’s testimony of what happened the next morning.

After the “breaky-breaky”, I had that brief vision of a large angel with sword rising up from the racecourse to assist in bringing the message of the full extent of salvation to the Durban region and that was followed by the vision of the rocket ship shaped angel in the parking lot at Harvest Church, awaiting a key word to be able to take off.

Phill Olson

Director of GSSM-South Africa

On Sunday night after our assignment, I was ministering at Harvest Church in Durban.  I shared the “Breakie, Breakie” experience and called the church to agree with God about an awakening in their city and nation.  I was singing prophetically with the worship team and began to prophesy in song over the region.  I also released the 11:11 Word the Lord had given me for that year (you can find the 11:11 word on our website:  I prophesied and released prophetic decrees to awaken the region!  The pastor of the church shared with me that he has been pressing in for this very thing and that the words released not only confirmed, but put fresh oil on the fire of his vision.

I hadn’t given this much thought since then, but January 20, 2012 I was in Lititz, PA speaking at Youth Invasion Group hosted by Jerry & Sue Horst.  Rich and Mary Hasz and their son Matthew were with me.  The Lord reminded me of my experience in Durban and prompted me to share with his group, so I shared the story.  I spoke about how in their region the Moravians have a rich deposit of prayer that was still crying out for America.  I spoke that we are in the beginning of a great awakening in our nation and we need to agree with the Father.  To seal the word everyone stood and we decreed, “Breakie, Breakie” together!

At the end of the meeting a young man came to me and shared that every time he drives past the Moravian church in town he is stirred and believes that God is going to move again in our land.

Then a couple asked me if I had spoken with their daughter.  She had been to a meeting where Beni Johnson had decreed, “Wakey, wakey!”  After the meeting she felt drawn to go to Lititz city center and decree.  When she did, an angel appeared to her.

After these 2 shared I knew we needed to go into the city center and declare “Breakie, Breakie.”  A small group of us went; Sue and Jerry Horst, Rich, Mary and Matthew Hasz, and others.  When we came to the city center we all stood and faced the church.  On the count of three in unison we declared “Breakie, Breakie”.

The church clocks bell rang right after our decree!  A few with us began to see angels and each reporting to me was what others were seeing without knowing what had been shared with me.

I heard very clear, “We are here”.  I knew they were an army of awakening angels!

Mary heard, “The warriors are here”.  The young seers saw the angels.

We waited to see if there was anything else we needed to do.  Suddenly a decree bubbled up and I released it: “Let the birth of the awakening happen”.  The power of God came on me and I began to travail in the spirit.  I fell to the ground.  I tried to stand but I could not as the travail intensified.  The intercessory birthing pains were intense, and I began to partner with Holy Spirit in the birthing while the team surrounded me watching and praying.

Then after a period of time travail hit Rich Hasz and he fell to the ground.  It seemed as if Rich’s travail brought strength to me and soon after, the spiritual birthing was complete.  I stood to my feet and shouted the decree, “GO”. I knew the Lord was releasing the angels of awakening to go where He sent them. We looked up after the decree and a cloud of light with sparkling mist was above us.  The young seers continued to share what they were seeing. Angels were being sent to their assigned places.

Saturday Mary and I were in Manheim and decreed in the city center of Manheim.  On Sunday we were in Fredricksburg, PA, ministering at a church.  We shared this story and also decreed together. After the service we went to a Moravian cemetery and prayed as the Spirit of the Lord led us, and we also went to the top of a hill to decree and pray over the valley.

Following that in February, Mary and I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In 1998 someone had given me a seed of revival from Argentina.  It was a prophetic symbol.  On New Years Day 2000, I was fasting and praying when the Lord directed me to eat the seed, so I did. Also in 1998, Cindy Jacobs prayed that the Lord would give me revival just after I’d had a dream that she gave me a baby to raise and care for with my Husband.  Then just a few years ago Cindy prophesied another word over me, that God would use me in S. America like He used her in Argentina where she helped birth revival. While she prophesied this over me, she also included South Africa and beyond.

At the beginning of this year, the Lord reminded me of the seed of revival that I had eaten, all of the prophetic words and promises over my life about revival. He spoke very clearly that it was now 12 years since I obeyed Him in faith eating that seed. 12 is the number for apostolic government. He said now is the time. In childlike faith, I have agreed, prophesied and shared when the Lord has directed me to. Those who have come into agreement with the Father have seen an amazing increase of God’s presence in their lives, businesses, families and churches!

February 2012 Vision in Argentina:

I was in the back of the church worshipping.  I fell to my knees, face to the ground worshipping the Lord and as I worshipped Him, He opened my eyes to a vision of powerful women who have gone before me.  I saw women like Maria Woodworh-Etter, Aimee Semple-McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, Jill Austin, and Ruth Ward-Heflen. He then spoke to me, “I’m raising up a Global Company of Women, Tracee will you help me lead it?” I said, “yes Lord.”  He directed me that there would be many who would carry His heart and power, who will not give into jealousy, but would honor and celebrate each other.  We will be women of honor and valor.  Since then I’ve had a lot of time to ponder this call to women, who will stand alongside men to nurture this current move of God.

His Global Company of Women will carry His heart. They will love and be LOVE!



Valor &


This call is part of the Lovelution that He is releasing in this hour.

“The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the good news.” Psalms 68:11

God has birthed a movement from the center of His heart.  He is the God who draws us to come into the fullness of His promises.  As we become the beautiful body; male and female, every race, the new creation and race that we are, when we love-truly love and sing of His glory, He will be magnified.

This past spring the Lord had me begin to sing over the prophetic promises of those I stand with and over my own life.  It’s time to sing again, because the sound of heaven through song is shifting and awakening the seeds of promise God has placed in His people and His lands.  The testimonies of breakthrough and new birth are astounding!  Lord we praise You!

This past July while singing the message of healing, love and breakthrough, the glory cloud came into a meeting in Brasilia Brazil.  The Lord set hearts on fire, healed, saved, delivered and filled many with His Spirit!

This is only the beginning…we have had birth pangs for years, but now we have the opportunity to nurture what God has birthed! I have shared with hope that this would awaken something on the inside of you, encouraging you to run in full force with God and all He is doing!

Don’t get stuck in transition!  It is time to move forward and allow praise to shift you into the fullness of God’s promise!  Don’t look at the natural, but look up and see from heaven’s perspective, seated with Christ and get His view of what the Father is doing!  Holy Spirit will lead and guide us teaching us to walk in truth and love through the power of comfort and joy in this epic season of spiritual breakthrough!

I just finished my first experience as co-facilitator during training for leaders at Outpouring Training Center.  I walked out on the water of the prophetic word and it was pure life and joy!  The transformations were amazing.  I am excited to be stepping more into this role as a Transformation Specialist!  I will be sharing details in the future about how to attend something like this or host an event in your region.

May all that God has put in your heart come forth! May you experience transformation and breakthrough!

Blessings of heaven’s abundance,

Tracee Anne Loosle

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