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Short blessings each month

July Birth Month Blessing

May you be established in the peace and love of God. May you know the blessings of his grace surrounded and wrapped in his glory presence. May overflowing joy be a waterfall of continual refreshing.  Joyfully,

June 2020 Birth Month Blessing

Upon you there is an arising glory and grace. It’s your time to shine. You are being filled to overflowing with God’s loving-kindness. Even though you have had times of despair, it is the ebb and flow of this loving-kindness that has kept you.    Joyfully,

May 2020 Birth Month Blessing

Do you see the ray of sunshine illuminating your path? The way is opening up before you as you take a step of faith. The table of the Lord is prepared where He is waiting to meet with you. There is a resting place at His table of fellowship where He will refresh your soul. …

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April 2020 Birth Month Blessing

April Birth Month Blessing There is a rainbow in the clouds, if you look up you will see this sign of hope. God’s promises to you are His cord fastened to His anchor of hope. May the Father’s love and faithfulness steady you and bless you with peace.      Joyfully,

March 2020 Birth Month Blessing

Marh Birth Month Blessing The Lord is re-establishing His covenant boundary lines in your life. You will sense and know His protective love surrounds you. It is His keeping power leading you in peace as you trust and rest in this reality.  Joyfully,

February 2020 Birth Month Blessing

February Birth Month Blessing 02/01/2020 Stones are being rolled away and what you thought was dead is coming to life. Promises are blossoming and will burst forth by the grace of our Father who loves you. Don’t look back with regret. Keep your eyes focused and your heart thankful. You are being showered with the …

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January 2020 Birth Month Blessing

01/01/2020 It may seem your life is only a small stone releasing a small ripple. Aha, think on this and be encouraged; every ripple makes an impact. Be strengthened in the Lord’s joy for you are the stone in His hand making ripples. You will hit the mark of excellence and leave an imprint of …

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December 2019 Birth Month Blessing

12/01/2019 December Birth Month Blessing Christ came to give you an abundant life. He is waiting to open up to you gifts from His heart to yours. He pours out blessings of grace to strengthen you. His joy will make your heart overflow. Receive His gifts wrapped in faith, hope and love.  Joyfully,