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Past Birth Month Blessings

December 2019 Birth Month Blessing

12/01/2019 December Birth Month Blessing Christ came to give you an abundant life. He is waiting to open up to you gifts from His heart to yours. He pours out blessings of grace to strengthen you. His joy will make your heart overflow. Receive His gifts wrapped in faith, hope and love.  Joyfully,

November 2019 Birth Month Blessing

11/21/2019 There is a table prepared in the presence of Love for you. The One who is Love, God the Father, is waiting for you to come. In His presence you will surely find His joy strengthening you. Your cup will overflow and you will have more than enough to share with others.  Joyfully,

October 2019 Birth Month Blessing

11/21/2019 The Lord desires to kiss your heart to awaken deeper intimacy. His kiss is life-giving bliss. His love is a blessing of hope for every day!   Joyfully,

September 2019 Birth Month Blessing

September Birth Month Blessing Our Father, the keeper of your heart is blessing you with peace. Peace where He can implant His word of hope into you. The implanted word will empower you with faith. Faith in His love is producing a garden of trust.   Joyfully,

August 2019 Birth Month Blessing

August Birth Month Blessing There is an encircling of grace flowing from the heart of God releasing wisdom to you. The riches of wisdom are a gift from Christ’s humble heart. As wisdom adorns you, each step with wisdom transforms your heart. The manifestation of this gift will guide you as you lean upon the …

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July 2019 Birth Month Blessing

07/04/2019 The essence of love is bursting from within you. Your life has been a progression of multiple situations, which could either produce the sweet fruit of love or the bitterness of disappointment. The Father is releasing a greater measure of His grace and loving-kindness over your life. You will discern an ease emerging with …

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June 2019 Birth Month Blessing

7/04/2019 Hope is in the air and waiting for you to breathe it in. The breath of hope will refresh your faith.  Faith will propel you into the goodness of God. Even if you can’t believe this is true, hope is going to ignite your heart to believe. It’s not your circumstances determining the outcome. …

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May 2019 Birth Month Blessing

May 2019 This is your “Father, May I” season. You are invited to a place of delight and hope. You will discover how very good He is, as you come to him like a little child. May your eyes see the answers to your heart longings manifest. He is waiting for you to ask, “Father, May I?” …

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