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Past Birth Month Blessings

May 2017 Birth Month Blessing

  05/02/2017 Abounding grace is available as you step into the fullness of your destiny. Many trials and tears watered your beautiful garden of promise. With tender care the Gardner has prepared your heart to bring forth a beautiful fragrance of His healing love. Now is your time of flourishing.     Joyfully, Tracee Anne …

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April 2017 Birth Month Blessing

Do you see the pure light of our dearest and only true Father? His light is coming to enter your heart. A greater level of love than you have ever known will fill you—simply say ‘yes’. This holy love light is washing over you even now. A pure heart sees Truth.  Joyfully, Tracee Anne Loosle

March 2017 Birth Month Blessing

Life is becoming the dream you have dreamed. The dream seed created by God and breathed into your DNA is overflowing life and coming forth. The things that tripped you up in past seasons you will now jump over with ease. Find the slipstream of heaven and travel it with joy!    Joyfully, Tracee Anne …

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February 2017 Birth Month Blessing

  February Birth Month Blessing   Joy, Joy, Joy! Get ready for an explosion of joy! Laughter will flow from the Grace-Fountain causing you to burst forth with new levels of hope. Hope will ignite faith. Abundant life is yours! A deeper level of how much Abba loves you will flood your soul this year. …

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January 2017 Birth Month Blessing

  January Birth Month Blessing   Splendor and grace adorn you, awakening you to realize who you really are. There is an invitation to come out from the masquerade of pretense. You felt it was required to achieve your dreams…oh, but it is not. As you cast off performer’s clothes, your authentic self comes alive. …

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December 2016 Birth Month Blessing

December Birth Month Blessing   Lift your eyes up and behold the Light shining all around you. What was darkness and difficulty is turning into light and ease. This year you will find a rhythm in the Light of Love’s heartbeat. Your heart will come into its resting beat. From this position you will gain …

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November 2016 Birth Month Blessing

  November Birth Month Blessing There is a release of oil and plenty for you this year. The oil of glory is filling you to be a shining light. Heaven is furnishing all you need as you lead others to the Source of abundance. You were meant to radiate with the joyful message of grace. …

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October 2016 Birth Month Blessing

  October Birth Month Blessing Your life is a celebration song to the tune of hope. Hope is opening up the fountain of faith, which will release increased blessings. The Father is singing in delight over your life. His love sound is causing things that were broken to mend, dreams that were buried to arise, …

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