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Short blessings each month

January 2019 Birth Month Blessing

02/11/2019 Arise! Awake! Shake off the slumber of complacency! A fresh perspective from Father’s heart will open your eyes to see what He is doing. A roar of truth is breaking you free! You are liberated to experience the glory of the Lord!  Joyfully,

December 2018 Birth Month Blessing

Your game changer blessing is appearing. You will unpack gifts for the harvest. Your story will lead others to encounter the presence of God. The period of hiddenness is behind you. Where promises were hidden from view, they will manifest through the testimony of grace. Abba’s love is empowering you to step up and step …

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September 2018 Birth Month Blessing

September 1, 2018   The One who is Love has inscribed promises in your heart. These promises are filled with the power of hope. As you activate the faith available to you, you will see the blessing of these promises established. The evidence will be your life and relationships flourishing.  Joyfully, Tracee Anne Loosle

August 2018 Birth Month Blessing

July 2018 Birth Month Blessing

June 2018 Birth Month Blessing

May 2018 Birth Month Blessing

April 2018 Birth Month Blessing