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Short blessings each month

November Birth Month Blessing

September Birth Month Blessing

August Birth Month Blessing

July Birth Month Blessing

  07/01/17 Up, up, up, up…lift your eyes up above the shadows and see the light shining through. There is blessing in the light to be discovered. Allow your heart to become the treasure hunter it longs to be. In this you will discover hidden gems that will bring richness to your life. Joyfully,  Tracee …

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June Birth Month Blessing

6/1/17 Can you feel the winds of blessing around you? You are being lifted into new dimensions of joy. Your wings are ready to take flight as you come out of the hidden place of preparation. Your eyes are clear and your heart is ready for the adventure to begin. Relax and catch the winds.  …

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May Birth Month Blessing

  05/02/2017 Abounding grace is available as you step into the fullness of your destiny. Many trials and tears watered your beautiful garden of promise. With tender care the Gardner has prepared your heart to bring forth a beautiful fragrance of His healing love. Now is your time of flourishing.     Joyfully, Tracee Anne …

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April Birth Month Blessing

Do you see the pure light of our dearest and only true Father? His light is coming to enter your heart. A greater level of love than you have ever known will fill you—simply say ‘yes’. This holy love light is washing over you even now. A pure heart sees Truth.  Joyfully, Tracee Anne Loosle

March Birth Month Blessing

Life is becoming the dream you have dreamed. The dream seed created by God and breathed into your DNA is overflowing life and coming forth. The things that tripped you up in past seasons you will now jump over with ease. Find the slipstream of heaven and travel it with joy!    Joyfully, Tracee Anne …

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