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Short blessings each month

June Birth Month Blessing

This year will be a jubilant journey expanding your heart with confidence! Gaze into the beauty of the unexpected surprises…slow down so you don’t miss these little wonders. This is a year to re-discover and marvel in the joy of simple pleasures. There will be greater light and life on the path God created for …

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May Birth Month Blessing

May The Lord is giving you the gift of ‘fortitude’ this year. Fortitude means:  Strength; courage; resilience; grit; determination; endurance; guts; staying power; stamina.   You will be able to climb the mountains and run this amazing race of life with a whole new God given fortitude! Old limitations are falling off as God breathes this …

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April Birth Month Blessing

April It is said that April showers will bring May flowers. The tears you have cried in the past season have watered the garden of your life and vision. This year you will see a beautiful display of vibrancy and life in your key relationships. Your life is about to flourish and blossom releasing a …

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March Birth Month Blessing

March This is a year to dream big! Let your dreams become kites and fly them in the winds of adversity as a banner of hope! Let God’s breath blow faith into your dreams so that they will soar and bring joy to you and those around you. It is not a time to shrink …

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