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Revelatory teachings, prophetic encouragement, and poetry.

Celebrated, Not Tolerated:  Truth or Fairytale?

Celebrated, Not Tolerated: Truth or Fairytale? Tracee Anne Loosle   There is a saying among Christian circles: “Go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.” Once upon a time I believed this as truth. I chose to go where I was being celebrated, giving God my “yes” and taking up the cross. I would soon …

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Game Changers

Game Changer            In my quiet space with the Lord, He spoke a word to me. As I waited, He revealed more. I listened. And now I am announcing to you: It Is A Game Changer Season! HEAR what the Father is saying to us. Step up to the plate and get ready to swing! Those …

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Unto Us A Promise Born

Unto us a promise born Angels herald with singing.‘Tis the season ringing hope The gift of Christ appearing. Love and freedom manifested In holy stillness of night. The King of Glory coming Turning dark sorrow into light. Savior’s star shining brilliant Wise one’s discern the meaning. Faith’s beacon lights the way Promised dawn of awakening. …

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Spiritual Alignment

The Lovelution Adventure – September 2017 Update

Freedom Decree

Beloved, I believe our Father in Heaven desires we live fully in His Freedom. His heart of Love draws us into alignment with His plans. I believe we can decree the word of the Lord for those whom we are standing in the gap for. As we decree, they too can experience His liberating grace …

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Holiday Poem


  So, surrender! Stand silent and stop your striving, And you will see that I am God! Psalm 46:10 Beloved, I wrote this poetic reflection June 21, 2016, a work in progress. I feel to share it now before summer transitions into fall. I have pondered this and stepped into a place of practicing the …

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