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Revelatory teachings, prophetic encouragement, and poetry.

Hope’s Advent Christmas Poem By Tracee Anne

Hope’s Advent 2015 By: Tracee Anne Loosle Memories comparable to letters         Etched in enduring ink, As of stories passed through time         Reminiscing in life’s hallway. ‘Tis the season unwrapping ​        Heaven’s beauty unfolding, Creations song still resounding ​        Glorious Jesus, Hope’s Advent! …

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Assignment Alignment By Tracee Anne Loosle

  Heart Encouragement   Assignment Alignment What if we were more concerned with offending God than offending man? This is something the Lord has said to me: “Tracee, are you more concerned with offending man than offending me?” Since that time when He spoke that to me, I’ve heard Him remind me often when I’m …

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IHM – The Image of Words

The Image of Words Tracee Anne Loosle Images, pictures, and glimpses; each of these can change the way we view something or someone. Words have the power to engrave in our heart (our image center), a visual description. I received this revelation from the Lord. He revealed to my heart, when someone shares something about …

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Wisdom at the Hidden Gate

Here is a message: Wisdom at the Hidden Gate.   Let God unlock your heart’s gate and place His Love identity imprint.  This message is for men and women.

Christmas 2014 Greeting

Shalom & Love, Tracee Anne & Randy   

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle   Precious Friends, IF A PICTURE PAINTS A 1000 words, then I want to paint a picture of HOPE for you!  I have been seeing many prophetic signs of the Lord’s promises, and I know these signs and wonders are not just for me! The Wonder of Wonders, El-Shaddai, our Glorious …

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Love’s Blessing – Holiday Heart Encouragement

    We hope this Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas “Love’s Blessing” poem brings joy to your heart.   This year Chanukah starts on Thanksgiving!   Love’s Blessing Holiday Poem 2013 Tracee Anne Loosle Thanksgiving fills our Hearts with wonder Come let us bring our praise offerings As we rejoice in our risen Lord and King …

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Heart Encouragement – The Lord’s Pruning

The Lord’s Pruning   One morning, I was outside praying and the Lord showed me my wisteria.  I had been very upset that my husband Randy had pruned it in the spring this year before it bloomed.  It had no life that I could see left on it, and it was not the season for …

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