Emerging Apostolic Glory

Revelation from the Lord is progressive. There are times when the unfolding progression happens quickly and others when it continues throughout our lives. All revelation weighed upon the Word of God will bring understanding in how to walk out what the Lord is revealing.

This is a progressive revelation the Lord brought back to me as He began to release more of His heart regarding the authority of the believer and His emerging glory. I love the promises of how to overcome the enemy. Note: This is longer than most prophetic revelation I share due to the nature of its unfolding over months. It is worth reading through and praying into.

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops

Matthew 10:27 NASB

Every warning comes with a promise. A few years ago I had a night vision with a strong warning. I was attending a leader’s gathering the next morning, where I shared the warning. But recently, there have been multiple warnings accompanied by the promise of how to overcome. We are called to pray and counter-attack. We are to be on the offense, not the defense. We are the army of the Lord and He always gives to us winning strategies.

This was the first night vision: I saw a person sitting in a place of authority. All of a sudden a snake began to crawl up his back. I then saw it was a cobra and as it got to the neck it came up over his head and rested there. It looked like the headpiece of Pharaoh. The snake wrapped itself around the mind and over the eyes.

Here is what I heard from the Lord: There are those coming into houses of worship who seem to be operating in Holy Spirit, but they are not. They are of another spirit. There are practices being allowed in houses of worship that are unclean. They come from ancient sorcery and realms of darkness. They do not belong in the house of God. If you allow this to enter, it will wrap itself around your ministry and choke the life out of it, bringing in a counterfeit spirit.

 The cobra also has the ability to blind leaders in the spirit realm, rendering them without the ability to discern the enemy among them. The enemy desires to plant people who look very anointed and would even be promoted. But we must walk in discernment and love. We are not to be suspicious, but to trust the Lord, seeking His council in each circumstance. His plan is to love all and set all free. But there are certain things that cannot be tolerated in the house of God. Some may not be aware of what they are operating under. Others fully know, as they have willingly given themselves to the enemy. Trust your discernment.

I had another warning dream: I saw a prominent revival leader & his spouse. I walked over to talk with them. As we were visiting, I noticed a man holding a huge Cobra that was intent on us. The Cobra lunged at me. I was between the leaders and the Cobra.

I woke up.

The third Cobra dream awoke me suddenly: I saw the cobra ready to strike, but when it saw me looking at it, it fell to ground and slithered away.

I also have seen a white cobra in the spirit, intent upon leaders. When I was praying for a specific prophetic minister, I saw the spirit cobra in a position to strike. The Lord had me deal with it, binding this evil attack. The leader confirmed various forms of attack had been assaulting her in this realm.

During this past spring I encountered three snakes on my walks. I’d never seen a snake in my past two years of living in Farmington. One of the snakes was the biggest bright green snake I have ever seen. It was hiding in the grass by the walking trail. I knew the Lord was revealing to me to pay attention. The green snake was a warning of the aspect of jealousy working through the religious spirit.

Over the months of these unfolding warnings I sought the Lord and counsel from an apostolic prayer leader. I had a few join in prayer with us. Then the Lord showed up with an amazing revelation of how He was overcoming this enemy.

 One morning as my husband, Randy, went to work, he called me to let me know there were 3 bald eagles across the street from our home. I got the binoculars and realized they were not bald eagles, but golden eagles. They also had a golden light resting upon them. I asked the Lord what He was showing me and he told me to look for a word from Bob Jones about the Golden Eagles.

Here is the word:

March 2005

A Release of Glory and Favor

In another dream Bob saw the Lord releasing a deposit of His glory to the earth. This was a very specific gift of God’s goodness for this next season of the Spirit.

In the midst of the glory that was coming he saw a golden eagle descending from heaven with the unfolding of God’s favor. Very often prophetic releases of God’s purposes are represented by a bald eagle. However, it was very important to recognize that this was emblematic of a golden eagle representing a very unique quality of God’s attributes.

The Golden Eagle

In the experience it was clear that the golden eagle was specially equipped to eradicate the spiritual influences represented by a serpent…specifically a king cobra. Much of the Egyptian mysticism centered on this serpent and the unholy strongholds it represented. For us, the king cobra has been a symbol of religious spirits set against the high purposes of Heaven.

The golden eagle has also represented apostolic authority in many of the revelations the Lord has given to us. This next season of the spirit beginning this year will see a substantially increased measure of apostolic authority to deal with and eliminate a false anointing that has hindered our quest for the harvest of the ages.

Jesus himself identified this spirit in Matthew 24 as one so close to the real that it would deceive the very elect if it were possible. This is a form of religious spirit that masquerade’s as the Holy Spirit but denies the power of God and focuses on works rather than grace. God is much more concerned about what we are becoming than what we are doing. Both are important, however, but our emphasis is first and foremost placed upon becoming more like Him and a reflection of His nature and character.

Removing the Curses

This grace and glory that is being released will provide an authority to remove anointed curses that have been released against churches and fellowships. Very often these curses are imposed from the pulpit by speakers who unknowingly speak from a wounded soul. This can give access to a religious spirit whose ultimate purpose is to frustrate God’s plan for the fellowship. Naturally, no one would knowingly do such a thing. However, this form of deception is so subtle that well developed discernment is essential to identify it.

When a curse of this nature is released it opens the door for demonic influences to keep things stirred up in a church or fellowship. Very often divisions, jealousies, strife and other such attributes are sown to keep the body from progressing into the high calling of God.

The religious spirit also promotes fear in people’s hearts in lieu of faith. The book of Jude is a clear portrayal of this nemesis and its identifiable fruit. It will emphasize the enemy’s ability to deceive us more so than God’s great ability to empower us. That is not to imply that we are to be ignorant involving our adversary’s plans. We are to be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves in this regard.

The Lord is determining to lift these demonic assignments that have provided a ceiling on churches and fellowships in their quest for God.” (end of Bob Jones Word)

I am very encouraged! As the true apostolic arises carrying the golden glory of the Lord, authority from God to deal with this spirit is being released. He has given us authority! The prophetic and apostolic work together. True authority comes from humility. Repentance brings humility. This posture keeps us in the flow of God’s heart. Alignment with the Lord first, and then with His people is key. There are no lone rangers who carry the real authority of Jesus Christ to deal with this.

The three golden eagles represent the Trinity, fullness, and God’s invincibility. His power and authority is the greatest. He is the One who has overcome, will overcome and is overcoming. We can trust in Him to bring us into every promise. As we let wisdom direct us into understanding, we will live in all the fullness of God.

The coming glory carries a holy protection; a wall of fire that is un-penetrable.

‘For I,’ declares the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’ Zechariah 2:5 NASB

The glory-fire of God routes out serpents. In South Africa, fire is used before bringing in the harvest to route out serpents and vermin. God’s fire is holy! All things not under the blood will be exposed and, if yielded to the Lord, burned away. This is good news!

After months of praying, I had a beautiful dream with the same apostolic leader in it. He was sitting in a beautiful home, in a den type of office. There was a waterfall of pure water flowing from the center of the kitchen into the entire house. Everything was intact and the house was filling up fast. I heard the Lord say He is releasing a cleansing flow of His Holy Spirit into the very heart of apostolic ministry and it will bring refreshing.

Get ready for the blessing!

I also had two dreams with the theme of grace in them. Each dream had religious people rejecting grace. There was jealousy and envy in their hearts. Because of this, they could not enter into God’s glory through grace. Yet, it is empowering grace released through apostolic glory that gives us all authority to destroy the works of the enemy. Embrace God’s empowering grace.

Before closing, I have a few amazing testimonies to share.

In September of this year, while walking, there was a snake in the road as I crossed. When I returned that way home, it was now dead and split in pieces! Authority to tread was the picture depicted, as it literally had been tread upon by a vehicle.

Now you understand that I have imparted to you all my authority

to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you

and overcome every power satan possesses. Absolutely nothing will be able to harm you as you walk in this authority. Luke 10:19 TPT

While we were at “Awaken the Dawn” in Washington DC, a woman (who is friends with a very close friend of mine) had a vision outside the Utah tent. She saw an eagle flying above, grab a snake and rip it in two. My team and I were in our worship & prayer set. This was very significant to us.

Sunday, October 17, during our church service, the Lord led me to Psalm 58:5-11. He had me declare the Lord is shattering the teeth of the cobra spirit and we have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, and living a laid down, dead-to-self, life. (Revelation 12:11)

Like cobras closing their ears to the most expert of the charmers,

You strike out against all who are near!

O God, break their fangs;

Shatter the teeth of these ravenous lions!

Let them disappear like water falling on thirsty ground.

Let all their weapons be useless.

Let them be like slugs dissolving into the slime.

Let them be cut off, never seeing the light of day!

God will sweep them away so fast

That they’ll never know what hit them.

The godly will celebrate in the triumph of good over evil.

And the lovers of God will trample

The wickedness of the wicked under their feet!

Then everyone will say,

“There is a God who judges the judges;”

And, “There is a great reward in loving God!” – Psalm 58:5-11 TPT

We entered into praise and worship with powerful declarations. One of our leaders heard in the spirit the sound of two shofars. One of the reasons a shofar is blown is for warfare and celebration! We knew it was time to celebrate the battle being won!  

God is victorious and He has given us the authority to overcome every scheme of the enemy. In this coming move where His glory will cover us, no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Let us be like Jesus who said, “…the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in me.” (John 14:30)

On Friday, October 27 we were hosting our P3 gathering, which is a time of Praise, Prayer and Prophecy. A woman leader from the region came with her friend. She felt to pray for me. She saw in the spirit a snake had been attacking me, but it was now dead and sliced in two. It was a powerful confirmation! She prayed and declared this assignment is over and we have the victory. Thank you Jesus!

Grace and shalom,

Tracee Anne

P.S. I need to share one more part of the warning about false religions and teachings tied to the cobra. The Lord won’t relent in urging me to bring up at this additional aspect. Weigh it with His grace.

It is interesting in Hindu practices the cobra is considered the most sacred animal. In yoga, those who practice this as their religion invite the kundalini spirit, which is a serpent. Yoga practitioners say it is impossible to separate the exercise from the spiritual force they worship.

Here are 2 links of one former yoga instructors experience and wisdom. Copy and paste the links to read them.



As I studied more about kundalini I cringed over the deception of the enemy. The practice invites the kundalini spirit to come up the spine and over the mind. Mike Shreve explains the spirit’s goal in the above links: A cobra blinds people. A cobra in cultic religions is thought to be wisdom and power. This is a demonic religious spirit. The deception of yoga being exercise and being good for you blinds the spiritual eyes to the danger. It’s a charmer and a seducer.

I am aware some are able to stay clear of these roots, but as you read the article in the link above from Mike Shreve, he gives Biblical basis of why a follower of Jesus Christ should consider not doing yoga and finding another health program. I have ministered deliverance to innocent victims of this spirit who had no idea they had opened a door to this demon. I’ve seen this demonic spirit twist and hiss, torturing it’s host.

Jesus told His disciples in John 14:30, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me…

This is the best posture for followers of Jesus Christ; to allow the enemy no entrance in us, no place to hook us, no lie embedded in our souls. This gives us the ability to live fully alive in Jesus Christ and set captives free!

This is my prayer for you; May the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord lead you into all Truth through the Blood of the Lamb of God!

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