Freedom Decree

I believe our Father in Heaven desires we live fully in His Freedom. His heart of Love draws us into alignment with His plans. I believe we can decree the word of the Lord for those whom we are standing in the gap for. As we decree, they too can experience His liberating grace to live in Freedom. We can also stand in the gap for those who oppose us and agree they experience His liberating grace to be set free.
The following Freedom Decree came as I sought the Lord for His heart. As we Decree what our Father’s heart desires, He moves heaven into earth to do what His word is sent to do.
Grace & Glory,
Tracee Anne

Freedom Decree

Tracee Anne Loosle

Abba, Lord of Heaven and Earth, You are my God.
I shall have no other Gods before me.
I humbly submit to You, Your authority, and Your will.
I yield my heart to You completely.
Let Your Blood and Glory anoint my heart.
Fire of God fall afresh on me.
Flame of Love burn away every evil doer.
Fire of God consume Your enemies standing against me and
Burn a path of Light before me.
Let the work of my hands be blessed to bring You glory.
Let Freedom reign through the power of Holy Spirit.
Freedom for my family, friends, and all I am sent to.
Grant a spirit of repentance to those caught in darkness.
Deliver them from the spirit of the world.
Set them free from captivity.
Draw them to You to call upon Your name.
Bring them into Your glorious Love Light.
Sprinkle them with Your Blood.
Shower them with Your mercy.
Awaken them to their true identity.
Fill them with Your Spirit.
Let Faith, Hope, and Love arise within them.
Let Freedom’s Light guide us every night and day.

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord
Will be liberated into God’s freedom and peace.
Acts 2:21 The Voice


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