From Our Hearts, Youth Power Invasion 2011

From Our Hearts

From Tracee Anne

Greetings Beloved,

I have a lot on my heart to share. Following the Father can be a precarious journey. There are times when the path is so narrow and the light afar off, yet when we pause, rest and listen we can find Him leading us in every step. God is faithful and true, able to do all He says He will do!

My heart is expectant for the season we are in. There are many possibilities before us, yet we desire the Lord’s best knowing that His will is the safest place to be. I have three international trips I’m praying over for this fall. Brazil, Israel and India. I have a few more U.S. assignments that I’m very blessed to partner in also.

This year’s trip to Sao Paulo Brazil with Global Awakenings Youth Power Invasion was incredible. Even though the schedule was intense and not the best for my physical well-being, I found great grace and peace in God. Having Tawnee on the trip with me was a constant comfort. We soon found a deepening of our relationship as we shared a room and lots of time together.

I received a note today from one of the young adults saying: “Thank you for devoting yourself not just to loving Him and praying for God’s work to prosper, but for also pushing us out of the nest to press in for more.”

Another wrote this:
“Thank you so much for praying for me! Was so nice to connect with you! Have received so, so much from you, you really impacted me more than any other person on this trip.
Keep being radiant…”

These simple encouragements give me fuel as I realize that God is getting the glory for what He has empowered me to do. When you have young people tell you that they did not know prayer could be fun and that God would do so much…well what can I do but give all glory to the King! What if one person touched another one, and then they touched one, and on and on…Only God knows the fruit!! Your prayers, support and financial gifts make this possible! Thank you!

With a thankful heart,

Tracee Anne

From Tawnee

Dear loved ones,
I first want to thank you for all the love and support that you have sent us.  Without your prayers and financial blessings, none of this would be possible.  The first two weeks of July I was able to travel with my mom, Tracee, to Brazil for Youth Power Invasion.  This is the first international trip that I have been able to go on with my mom, and God absolutely rocked us!  Not only was I so touched to see what God was doing, I was touched to see what God is doing through my mom.  She was able to train over 200 youth in intercessory prayer.  It was awesome!

Every year at YPI there are thousands of healings, and it was amazing to be a part of it.  I prayed for a young lady who had extreme pain in her uterus.  As I prayed for her, she felt the fire of God, and the pain left.  As I continued to pray, she told me about her unclean relationship with her boyfriend and I was able to pray with her so that she could be set free and walk right with the Lord.  She wept in my arms and thanked me over and over again for praying with her.  I prayed with a number of other women who needed to be set free from emotional pain, and God healed them.  It is amazing to see God take away years of pain, and transplant His love into them.

We are currently in a season of transition.  Jenn has moved back to New York, and I am trying to help my mom with more of her travel needs, rather than just administrative tasks.  It has been a leap of faith for us, as I have left my other job in faith that God is going to do amazing things (which he’s already started to do)!  We are developing products for Hearts and Hands of Hope, and are excited to see the lives that we will be able to touch with this branch in our ministry.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done, we appreciate your support more than words can express,

Tawnee Loosle


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