July 2013 – Intrepid Heart Update

Intrepid Warriors (Duplicate)Intrepid Warriors Now Available!

My second book is published and released and ready for you!  The book is available here on the IHM site, at Amazon.com   and a Kindle version is there as well.  You can also find a printable   file version at our website.


Intercession is truly an adventure! It is a journey into the heart of the Father, partnering with Him to see His will manifest on the earth. Effective, fearless intercession is not for the faint of heart; the intrepid warrior is faced with life or death assignments, in which lives and destinies hang in the balance, waiting for those who will wage the war to   win. This can be you!

Intrepid Warriors: Living a Life of Fearless Intercession, will build your faith for intercession, clarifying concepts and beliefs that will enable you to enter new levels of breakthrough. Tracee gives us what the Holy Spirit has taught her during her many hours of intercession and intimacy with the Lord. Now, you, too, have the opportunity to gain personal training from Tracee and enter into new realms with God through prayer. I highly recommend Tracee to   you, and I highly recommend Intrepid Warriors.”   

~ Randy Clark, Founder of Global Awakening

Here is an exciting review from one of our first readers:     “Tracee, I started reading your book Intrepid   Warriors on the way back to Dallas and I can’t tell you how Much it is   speaking to me…I’ve read many   books in the past few years on prayer from some of the great generals sent   from Heaven but none like what He has placed in you. Grateful for you and the   wisdom He’s placed in you and I bless it!”    

Orders can be placed through our store or by sending an email to admin@intrepidheart.org.

Women’s Conference

September 20-22 in Maryland!

Redemption House Life Center in Arnold, Maryland is having their 2nd “Open Heaven’s Women’s Conference” with Tracee Anne speaking and Heather Clark leading worship.  It is going to be a fantastic time for renewal and drinking deep of the Presence of God!


Friday – 7:30 pm
Saturday – 10 am, 2 pm, 4 pm, & 7:30 pm
Sunday – 2:30 pm

For more details and/or to join in on the event, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/136326109862792/  or email: info@redemptionhouseministries.com

Testimonies from Brazil

June Ministry Trip
Shores of Grace – Recife, Brazil


Martha Split and I traveled to Recife, Brazil on June 2, 2013. I had just finished an amazing 3-day Outpouring Transformation in Lancaster, PA. We arrived very late Monday June 3 after missing our connections in Rio, but nothing could deter our hope and expectancy to be vessels of God’s love.

Brazil was truly a lovelutionary journey! We partnered with Nic & Rachael Billman and their ministry, Shores of Grace, in Recife. It was 7 full days of loving on the team, the homeless in the streets and sharing the love of God with prostitutes both on the streets and in a banquet where I shared my testimony.

Tuesday night Rachael took a team of us to the streets where Shores of Grace hosts Street Church. It was raining so there were few out in the open that night seeking shelter from the deluge wherever they can. We took the opportunity to prayer walk. On Wednesday and Sunday evening I shared from my heart with the Shores team. Martha and I were able to minister to each one. It’s important to pour into those who have sacrificed all to be missionaries! It’s also an honor and great joy to love them well.

Thursday night a team of us hit the streets again. On the streets we prayed for divine appointments to find the one God wanted us to share with. He led us to many, but I can only share a couple testimonies here. I know these will touch your hearts as they have mine.

The Lord led Paty, Martha and I a few blocks away from where the team was holding street church as He impressed upon us there was someone He wanted us to find. We stood in a huge closed up church square and the Lord revealed to me where to look. Far off we saw a woman sitting in a doorway. We approached and found out her name is Maria …. I gave her one of the olive wood hearts we had purchased in Israel and we each shared a word of love and hope with her. She was a precious widow whose husband had left her, and in his death left their money to another. Now she was homeless. She was late in years, and even though life had been tough for her, she still held on to hope. We were able to buy her fresh fruit and bless her. She was touched and did not want us to leave.

Another one of God’s friends we ministered to was in terrible pain. I began to sing over him as he sat on the outskirts of street church. As I sang, I put my hands on him. The Lord healed him and this man was overjoyed as he praised the God who healed him. The Lord had me hang on to one water and snack left to give to a young man He pointed out to me afar off. When we went to the young man, we shared God’s love and hope. I felt he was ready to surrender his life to God. When we asked him he said yes, but there were always obstacles that stood in his way. I shared with him how God was pursuing him and had shown him to us from afar having us save the last water and snack for him. He surrendered his life to God and then was filled with the Spirit! These are only a few testimonies!

At the banquet we shared the Father’s unconditional and healing love! I can still see the faces of the girls as God tenderized their hearts towards Him as He awakened faith, hope and love! As I shared my story of God’s rescuing me from addiction, abuse and rape that opened the door to sexual promiscuity, I was able to testify of how God brought me into wholeness, purity, a loving marriage and family I spoke destiny to each woman who came. The Lord had me speak into their dreams, hopes and longings. He had me call forth their value and reiterate His protective and provisional love. Every one of the women from the streets was held captive by Holy Spirit’s wooing presence. We prayed for each one. We gave them gifts of a heart that had “Love” on it and a star that had “believe” on it. I shared about these gifts as reminders of God’s love for them and if only they would believe in Him, He would rescue them and bring them into their destiny.

When I saw the pictures from the banquet, I wept over each woman. Some of them, it’s their husbands who send them to the streets. They dream of having jobs as hair stylists, seamstresses, designers, computer technicians and anything but where they are. They are waiting for the door of hope to open up so they can get off the streets. Through the ministry of Shores of Grace, we were able to show them Jesus as the Door of Hope. This is what Shores is doing every day.

Nic and Rachael have shared that at the last banquet 3 girls have chosen to come off the streets. We are committed to raise funds, support and encourage the Shores team as God provides. Your partnership enables us to do this. We took supplies for the Bethany Rescue home and the missionaries. We were able to purchase more supplies while there. The supernatural love of God was released through our hearts and hands in tangible ways, acts of kindness, words of hope and prayers of healing and blessing. I can still see the faces of those whose lives intersected with the Christ within us! Thank you for your prayers, support and giving! Together we are seeing the Lovelution increase! God is faithful! There are more pathways to embark upon and we are thankful you are with us!

To see beautiful pictures of the ministry in Brazil, visit our Facebook page!

Israel Pilgrimage


I will be returning to Israel September 9-18. I am looking forward to strengthening our new relationships, writing, praying and seeking the Lord. Intrepid Heart Ministries is continuing to press into all that God sets before us. There are many hearts in the land that need healing. As we develop relationship with the open doors, we will be able to touch more hearts and release The HEAL Mandate.




It would not be possible to spread joy in Israel or Love through Recife, Brazil, or distribute “Intrepid Warriors” without partnership!

Sow generously by going to our partner page or mailing your gift to:


Intrepid Heart Ministries
PO Box 13847
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