July 2016 Update and Declaration

Pomegranates & Grapes

July 2016

Precious Friends & Partners,

I decided to do our Thank You and Update together this month.

I’m excited to share another short declaration with you for this month:

It is our time for wholeness and health,
It is our time for prosperity and wealth!

We are called to live in wholeness. The reality is we walk through brokenness. We also have broken treasures around us. As we prosper in the Lord, we are able to see the real worth of every treasure in the field. We are called to contend for health in every realm. Health isn’t just our physical bodies; it is all of life. It is our families, workplaces, cities, churches and nations. Our souls are to prosper and we are to be wealthy in resources. Resources are people, time, anointing, finances, etc… .

It is our time for wholeness and health,
It is our time for prosperity and wealth!

The following scripture speaks of kingdom realms of prosperity.  Let it water your soul and bring you into fullness of wholeness, health, prosperity and wealth over the next 21-30 days.


From Your kindness you send the rain to water the mountains
From the upper rooms of your palace. You goodness bring forth fruit for all to enjoy.
Your compassion brings the earth’s harvest, feeding the hungry.
You cause the grass to grow for livestock, along with the
Fruit, grains, and vegetables to feed mankind.
You provide sweet wine to gladden hearts,
You give us daily bread to sustain life,
Giving us glowing health for our bodies.
Psalm 104:13-15 TPT

Can you feel the hope arising as you speak this scripture out loud? I’m also including at the end of this update a declaration the Lord gave me this last week! God wants us to live in Great Expectation of His goodness. You are very precious to our team and me. We love you with holy joy filled love! We believe God has good things for you.

Pomegranates and Grapes in Ein Karem


My trip to Israel in June was very good. My time with Lisa regarding the Springs of Hope Foundation outreach to the Yzedi people in Iraq was fruitful. There is more for us to partner with them on. Together we are making a difference.Also in Israel, the six leaders from Brazil and I had some powerful times with the Lord praying in Ein Karem and for God’s heart. Martha was able to join us for one evening of prayer. The Lord continues to connect, release and empower us to do all He has set before us.

Brazilian Leaders and I gathered for prayer

Martha, the Brazilian Leaders and I all sharing fellowship and a meal


It’s a season of great grace in the midst tension and transition. This is good as it is causing us to look at our opportunities for upgrades and wholeness as we move forward. Do you see your opportunities?

We are excited about our Abundance! Center.  We are looking for a facility to rent or buy. Miracles happen and we believe God! He called us here, He is equipping us and He will provide. This field is ripe for harvest! Come and help us or send laborers to the field.

I have the opportunity to go to South Africa to serve and bless. All of this could not happen without your prayers, love and support.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer, love and support. You are a gift and we stand with you. May you step fully into wholeness and health, and may you live in prosperity and wealth!

In healing love,

Tracee Anne Loosle


Great Expectation Declaration
Tracee Anne Loosle
July 10, 2016

I have great expectation in the promises of God.
I live in the realm of faith, hope and LOVE.
I believe every Word from God.
I receive every promise He speaks to me.Anchor
The Spirit of the Lord is empowering me.
I know when I declare what He has spoken
He will make it happen.
The power of agreeing with God is trust.
I trust in the Lord.
I do not lean into my own understanding.
I acknowledge that God is God.
His desire is to bless and heal me.
I will not allow doubt to steal my bread.
I believe that God is for me
And no one can stand against me.
I expect His generous and kind love to be with me all my days.
I have great expectation God will move right here,
Right now, and He will do all He says He will do!

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