Lovelution Update – Holiday 2016



Lovelution Update

As I reflect and thank God for sending me to Farmington Utah, the USA and the nations, I am undone by His goodness. It is an incredible delight to follow His heart and footsteps, loving the one or many. Even in the many, I remind myself there is always one His eye is upon. I live in the tangible reality of not missing the one.
I am remembering the little boy whose brother died, leaving heartache in his heart greater than what man can fill. This precious little boy coming to me for prayer and hugging my knees afterwards, then skipping away with a lightness not seen in a very long time.
I see the eyes of the man that wandered into a gathering and as the Lord highlights him, I walk over and minister freedom to his heart and soul. His spirit awakens as He weeps and repeats words of truth and hope.
I’m reminded of the woman who wept in my arms as God restored her true image and identity. And the line goes on with many hungry for a touch from Love Himself.
I think of the young man a bit bewildered by how he ended up at the meeting. As the Lord gives me a vision of his calling and he is undone with great hope and expectation. I ask him if He’d like to follow Jesus and embark on this path. He says “yes” and I lead him to our loving Savior and friend. He is made new and filled with Holy Spirit.
I cannot forget the man who the Lord had me sing over, his pain intense and anxiety high. As the song of the Lord hovered over us with glory frequency, his noisy hospital roommate falls into a sweet, deep sleep. Peace fills the room.
These are only a few of the lives touched through your giving. Many were healed in every realm, empowered and receiving breakthrough.
I also ponder the breakthrough in finances for those I have stood alongside. Story after story of God coming through just as He said He would. When God speaks, I’ve stood on this favorite quote of Smith Wigglesworth: “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.”
I have also reflected on my shortcomings. The real disappointment of healings that did not manifest and other trials we faced. The times I wanted to quit because my body was weary and I couldn’t see the provision waiting to be released. Times I felt myself too flawed to serve broken humanity. Then I think of Jesus and His great love sacrifice. How can I resist Him? I find I cannot, for where He leads I will follow! I also see those of you who have prayed, given and loved. I feel strength and hope infuse me.
The breakthrough Angel walked into our Abundance! Center gathering on Rosh Hashanah. I was at a low in faith and energy. When this one walked in, something shifted in my heart and in our ministry. Energy has been restored! Faith is soaring! Our Women on the Frontline event was historic for this region. God always sends help when we need it.
I will be traveling to Israel December 20-31. I argued with the Lord. I tried to coerce Randy into going with me. This assignment is for the Lord and I. Randy kept asking me, did you buy the ticket. I didn’t see the mission or the funds. I only saw being away during a time I have never traveled for ministry before. I whined and I tried to cajole the Lord into another time. I finally repented and submitted to both God and my husband. I now see an opportunity to look for the one and maybe the many as I once again embark on a Lovelution Journey.
In this season of busy-ness, please know you are in my heart and prayers. Our team and I carry you to the Father and agree with His plans for you to live a fully blessed abundant life in His realm of peace, grace and glory.
Shalom, Love and Abundant Faith,
Tracee Anne Loosle

Lovelution Journeys

Israel December 20-31:
Divine Assignment – Loving those who live on the frontlines of war zones.
Recife, Brazil Spring 2017 with Shores of Grace:
Ministry to the broken and the ones who lovingly serve them.
Thank you for praying and giving!

Upcoming Events:

We will be co-hosting a Breakthrough School with New Creation Church January 26-28, 2017. Patricia King, John Perks, Katie Souza and Tracee Anne Loosle will be the featured speakers for this event which will be held at New Creation Church located at 8700 Sandy Pkwy W in Sandy, Utah 84070. For more information or to register, please use the following link:


We are having our official Sunday launch for the Abundance! Center the weekend of January 29, 2017. We would love it if you could join us for this special celebration!
Delta Foursquare will be hosting a Conference on Operating in the Courts of Heaven with Robert Henderson, February 17-19, 2017. This Conference will be held at The Fellowship, 615 Sego Lily Dr, Sandy, UT 84070. Please use the following link to:


Women On the Frontlines 2017—July 20-22: More Info to come soon!
If you are called to be a Lovelution Partner with Intrepid Heart Ministries in prayer or financial giving, please contact us at or mail your contribution to:
Intrepid Heart Ministries
PO BOX 217
Farmington, UT 84025
You may also use the following link to partner with us:


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