Lovelution Update – May 2016

 Lovelution Update—May 2016

Heaven’s kingdom realm can be illustrated like this:
“A person discovered that there was hidden treasure in a field.
Upon finding it, he hid it again. Because of uncovering such treasure,
he was overjoyed 
and sold all that he possessed to buy the entire field
just so he could have the treasure.”
Matthew 13:44 TPT
Beloved Friends,
I don’t mean to forget to write an update from my Lovelution journeys, it just slips past me sometimes. And now I’m less than a month away of returning to Israel. When I returned from my last trip to Israel, we had our daughter’s Bridal Shower. Then I was at ‘Asuza Now’ a week later. We endured the lines & rainy weather to be with thousands of worshipping Lovers of God. Truly it was a pivotal moment for the Body of Christ. People are His treasure and we are finding treasure everywhere He sends us.
Azusa Now
The following week was the wedding of our eldest daughter, Samantha. Shortly before I left for Israel, Samantha let me know she wanted me to do her wedding. Because I am her Step-Mom, we didn’t want to cross that line, but her heart really wanted me to do it, so we sought the blessing of the family which was granted. It was a beautiful ceremony! All of us were deeply touched by the love of God.
wedding picture
Israel was a scouting trip. I had 3 lovely ladies with me: Claudette, Bev & Mary. In Ein Karem, the rain came one day in a deluge, just as the prophecy the Lord had given me, confirming we were in the right place.
deluge in ein kerem
Mary wrote, beautifully capturing the essence of our trip. She took to heart Bev’s admonition to us regarding scouting from the Book of Numbers about coming back with a good report. Rather than re-write my own version, I’m sharing hers for I believe you will step into the journey with us through her eyes.
1. Four ladies started a journey together in the name of the Lord – came in one way and left another. We stood at the crossroads and looked, asking for the ancient paths and where the good way was and WALKED IN it, finding REST for our souls! Jeremiah 6:16.
2. We stayed in the very place where Jesus was “incubated” in Mary’s womb (approximately 3 months) as she visited her friend, Elizabeth. The statue of Mary & Elizabeth at the Church of the Visitation shows them looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Not only did John know Jesus in the Spirit, but Mary & Elizabeth also “knew” one another at a deep level. I believe Ein Kerem is a place for this – KNOWING WHO JESUS IS AND WHO WE ARE IN JESUS as we relate to one another; a place for deeper intimacy with Jesus and each other.
3. Ein Kerem is a place to “Prepare the Way of the Lord”; A pathway into Jerusalem.
4. Ein Kerem is a green, luscious place, “SET APART” from the main city of Jerusalem by two wadis. The word, wadi, is Hebrew or Arabic for a valley or riverbed that contains water only in heavy rains, or an intermittent spring. Ein Kerem is set apart by physical ravines where the LIVING WATER/RIVER flows constantly for those with the Heavenly senses to partake in it on either side of Ein Kerem.
5. Not only did Elizabeth go into seclusion with John, and Mary with Jesus in Ein Karem, but even birds come for the seclusion of this location. It is a place for the Hidden work of the Spirit for those who are willing to come into this seclusion. It is a place of serenity. His grace is sufficient in our weakness and the thorns we carry (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). Ein Kerem is one place where this can be experienced when leaning in to the Anointed One’s grace.
6. Ein Kerem is a place where the natives (Sabras) know that they must steward the land given to them. They contend for the land and in so doing have built a community where they will “NOT HURT THE EARTH – LAND, SEA OR TREES” (Revelation 7:3). They are a living example or foreshadowing of what is to come.
7. The locals found a hidden spring and shared its location with their children. They have a knowledge of the hidden fountains of life that the Lord has given them. They have the heart to join with Him as they love the land and teach their children to do the same. They recognize it is His holy land, the place where His name is written on the very earth. See “For the love of Ein Kerem” on youtube at:
8. Ein Kerem is a place where people work and live who are from many varied backgrounds. Even the religious spirit is not welcomed here by the residents who are not a part of the religious institutions located in this neighborhood.
9. History tells us there were over 500 watchtowers in Ein Kerem. A watchtower was symbolic of Divine protection in ancient times, because each individual family had to protect their own vineyards. Building a watchtower was one of the steps necessary in preparing a vineyard (Isaiah 5 and Mark 12:1). The watchtower was needed to help the landowner in watching over their vineyard, so although the physical watchtowers aren’t visible anymore in Ein Kerem, spiritually they are intact. The Lord has many vineyards in the spiritual realm in Ein Kerem that need watchmen in their watchtowers.
10. Ein Kerem is a place of creativity & worship; A place where people come together in UNITY to create art, music, poetry, and stories, etc.
The call to Ein Karem has just begun. Please pray with us that everything needed to fulfill this mission comes forth in abundance. That is, the Team, resources, anointing, and LOVE, GRACE & GLORY in abundance. Perhaps we will have a Watch Tower there one day.


I have six leaders from Brazil joining me in Ein Karem on my upcoming trip to Israel. Ein Karem is Brazil’s gate according to Tom Hess’ watch tower. Something significant is happening with our Israel/Brazil connection.
I also met with Lisa Maira who leads the Springs of Hope Foundation. She has begun to go into Iraq to rescue those caught by ISIS. We are committed to standing with her in prayer and support.
Thank you for considering giving generously into the Harvest today! Please click on our Partners button at the top of the site in order to make a donation.
Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. It is our desire to be like Jesus, only doing what the Father shows us to do. As He leads others to stand, support, and go with us, we will see the Lovelution expand in the hearts of individuals, in every realm of society, in cities and in nations!

Then Jesus spoke up and said:

“Every time I do the will of the Father who sent Me, I enjoy a feast.”

John 4:34 TPT
Love and Shalom,
Tracee Anne

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