Lovelution Update – Summer 2016


August 2016
Precious Friends & Partners,
Thank you for standing with us in the purpose and promises of God. Your friendship, support and partnership are treasures we highly value.
I have been attempting to write this thank you letter for a couple of weeks now. Later you will find updates, but I really feel I need to share my heart first.
When I said yes to the Lord to build the center in Farmington, He asked me to lay down the ministries I was serving in. I loved what I was doing. With my yes came intense warfare and heartaches. Yet in all of it, God has kept me going. My marriage was attacked and with the help of friends we came through. This past December my niece’s mother was murdered. It was an absolute shock for our family. This past March the passing of a dear friend shook my faith. A few weeks ago, the week before my sister’s wedding her friend, co-worker and wedding photographer was murdered. This sent shock waves of grief throughout my family. I had to lean in deeply to the Lord to find grace to be able to balance officiating the wedding while also honoring the young woman who had been abducted, raped and murdered.
I found myself asking how could such horrible atrocities happen in such a short amount of time? In the midst of heartache this last season, we had the wedding of our oldest daughter, 2 more gran-babies were born, and we also had numerous amazing times of worship and the word, encountering the God of Hope.
I felt to share all of this because no matter what we go through, God is there! He is faithful. He is good. The way He came through for me, for us and for our family, every time is astounding. His love is vast, high and wide. His loving presence is healing and empowering.
The second week of August, I heard the voice of the Lord behind me shout:
He then gave me this word: You have felt pushed and constricted almost to the breaking point. You are not the one who will be broken. HELP IS ON THE WAY! The enemy who has harassed you is being broken and trampled upon by our Father, God of the Angel Armies and His host.

I will cry out to You, the God of the highest heaven,
The Mighty God, who performs all these wonders for me.
He will send a Father’s help from heaven to save me.
He will trample down those who trample on me.
Pause in His presence
For He will always show me love
By His gracious and constant care.
Psalm 57:2- TPT

I find myself crying out for His help and especially His love for the people and places He calls us to. What you love, you will fight for. What you love, you will die for. Loving God requires death to self and embracing His heart fully. We are to take up our cross and go with Him. Where He calls, He equips. He is faithful.
Our soft-launch of the Abundance! Center is going well. We had a lady walk in to one of our meetings and two people gave her words. She was undone. She told me the presence of the Lord in our gathering was special and she would not be the same. This past week Holy Spirit released a powerful emotional healing wave. Alignment is happening with great grace. We know God will open all His doors and send whom He calls; It is a joy to partner with Him in this. Utah is ready for harvest. You might want to check out what Will Hart and Jamie Galloway had to say in the movie “Holy Ghost” when they visited Salt Lake City. It will give you insight into the land we are called to for most of our serving hours these days. Our Equipping Phase has begun and we have one group Beverly is leading: “Arising in Healing & Wholeness”. We will launch additional phases this fall.
We are preparing to Host a Women On The Frontlines conference with Patricia King this October. We are expectant and discern this will be a pivotal turning point. We still have registrations available. Men are welcome and encouraged to be a part of what God is doing!
We are asking for 24 new Lovelution partners. Please prayerfully consider helping us help the ones the Lord has called us to. I’ve listed needs at the end of this update for those of you who love to know specifically where your resources go. You can also note in the memo on your check a specific project or Lovelution Journey you wish to give towards.
A blessing for you:
May Heaven’s Joy invigorate & strengthen you,
Healing laughter fill your heart as you soar on eagle’s wings,
And the Love of Our Father wrap around all your life!
Grace & love,
Tracee Anne Loosle


Lovelution Update:

We are partnering with Springs of Hope Foundation and their HOPE outreaches to the Yzedi people in Iraq. I chose to pull our GoFundMe campaign, as it did not seem the most effective place to raise funds. If you would like to partner with us, please let us know. You can go to their Facebook page to stay updated:
We have wonderful news about our Wepener project in South Africa! Thank you for sowing with us. Here is the update from Abe DeFin, our partner in South Africa:
We HAVE DECIDED TO END our funding for the nursery school project in Wepener. This comes after many years of involvement in feeding endeavors. We assisted in Wepener, Hobhouse and the Kanana Township and then finally setting up a small nursery school in Wepener for the vulnerable orphans and needy children in the local township. Since the establishment of the nursery school, over 90 children have been assisted and have all been accepted into local primary schools. The conditions in the township have improved as government grants are now available for struggling families. Japie and Shanaaz have done a sterling job in caring for the children on a daily basis for many years. We thank them sincerely and ask God to bless them as they will continue to run a project in the facilities we have provided.
It is exciting to have completed a sustainable project We know the Lord has more for us to do. I am meeting with Abe this month to evaluate other projects that the Lord may call us to partner with.
We continue to stand with Nic & Rachael Billman and Shores of Grace. They are expanding their ministry base in Brazil and need increase in labor and financial support. We are scheduling time in January 2017 for me to go and possibly take a team. They will be starting their Furnace School and have new team members.
Our Israel assignment has been a joy! I will return this year to facilitate the continuing prayer and implement the strategies the Lord has been releasing to us.


Lovelution Needs:

• South Africa $2000
• Israel $3000
• Springs of Hope $1000
• Brazil – January 2017 Shores of Grace trip $4000


Abundance! Center Needs:
• Ergonomic office chair, filing cabinet and other supplies $1200
• Computer Program for Power Point Presentations $500-$1000
• Website & Media updates: $500-1000
• Building…We are dreaming with God on this one!




If you need a copy of my new book, Vignettes from Heaven Vol. 1 you can order online or send a check with a note to mail it to you. I want to offer it to you for $10 including shipping & handling. This offer will be good until September 15th. It’s a great book to gift to someone and you might want to get extra copies for early Christmas presents!


Grace and Glory,

Tracee Anne Loosle

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