Lovelution Update


Lovelution Update— Spring 2016


I will be departing for Israel soon. I can only imagine what the Lord is about to do! He is good! There is a Billion Soul Harvest waiting to come to the Father. We are part of His heart Lovelution and Renaissance Awakening. Together we can do more.

2015 was amazing! Stepping out into new realms of life and ministry has been challenging and exhilarating. There have been a few bumps, yet God has granted supernatural grace to navigate over these. It’s time to receive all the Lord blessed us with and launch into greater Faith, Love, Grace and Glory!

On April 14, a prophet called me to give me a word. On April 16th, two friends brought a prophetic minister into intercession at Voice of the Prophets. He gave me the same word and more. The word has to do with my part in this move of God. It is very humbling. I have said yes and that has required dying to my plans, will, and ways.

Years ago a young man prophesied that there would be a sign that the Lord had sent an Angel before me when the rain came in a deluge in the places where I would minister. This happened in Pittsburgh in September, Colombia & Texas in October, and Brazil in November. The rain came in a deluge…unexpected and unprecedented. In three of these places I saw a Light like a fireball appear. In Brazil, God appeared in the clouds, lightning and thunders. I have photos that I am sharing below.

In Colombia I saw the Lord move in what He called His: “Glory Love Fire Awakening”. I have not been able to find words to describe the way He came! He told me to watch what He was doing in the natural because it was revealing what He was doing in the spiritual realm. I am sharing these pictures of His Glory Love Fire Awakening.

One of the most precious moments to me was when a little child looked up at me and called me ‘mama’. I was undone. The children know when the Lord is the one moving in our midst.


Glory Love Fire Awakening – Living Flame of Holy Love in Buenaventura, Colombia


In Texas He healed breaches and imparted hope. Here is the fireball again, off to the left of the lighthouse (shown below)


Brazil—The gift of Brokenness

Brazil was similar to Colombia in the sense I have not been able to find words to articulate what God did. He told me to read Psalm 18 in The Passion Translation. He said He was going to show me in the sky what He was about to do in the spiritual realm. Within five minutes, He began His display in the heavens. He then had me minister from Psalm 18 that evening. The Lord said He was going to manifest Psalm 18 and deal with His enemy. The realm of authority we encountered that night was the realm of I AM.


Clouds, Lightning, Thunder and Rain




The Lord came in Glory Love Fire in Brazil. Many were healed, delivered, filled and came to the Lord. I wish I were better at keeping detailed records. Details are not my gift… Vision is. How we need each part of the body.
After each trip another level of brokenness came. After Brazil I wept daily for about three weeks. I am still broken and tenderized before the Lord. He said He has given me the gift of brokenness. Not many want brokenness, as it might not look good or be acceptable in a world of platforms filled with performers and achievers. That’s not for me. I choose to lay down in brokenness and yield my will to His. Not my way, but His. In this place, He came. He healed, He touched, He loved, He delivered, and He released His Total Nucleus Transformation (TNT) power. He encountered His children and they know they met with Him. It’s Him, not me, they see.

The source of revelation-knowledge is found as you fall down in surrender before the Lord. Don’t expect to see Shekinah glory until the Lord sees your sincere humility! Proverbs 15:33 The Passion Translation

I also want to share that Cindy and I continue to support the children in Wepener. It is our hope to go back to South Africa for further development and releasing of God’s love, perhaps into new regions. They are planning a church outreach in the Region. We believe for abundant resources to continue the work that is on Father’s heart. Here are pictures of the children and a Fire Awareness Day hosted at the Daycare.




Love and Shalom,
Tracee Anne

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