May 2012 Ministry Update

Sometimes what is taking place in the natural can speak to us of what God is doing spiritually. For me this year’s spring season is speaking and awakening in me promises and the manifestation has begun to spring forth.

This past fall a man gave me a simple word:
“The winter is almost past
Your heart is almost completely healed
The Joseph’s are coming
They are here
Your financial stress is almost over.”

When this simple word was given to me, I was enveloped in the glory of God’s promise. The word came with tangible faith and it was confirmed with a sign from the Lord. Because I knew that this word was the Lord I began to decree it in the present tense over others and myself. This includes family, friends and ministry partners.

“The winter is past
Our hearts are healed
The Joseph’s are arising
They are here
Our financial stress is over.”

I believe this is true. I believe we are living in the fulfillment of promises and seeing some miraculous provision and prosperity being released to those who have been marked by the Lord. God desires to fulfill all His word, including the transference of wealth. My heart is expectant. My prayers are filled with great faith.

As a ministry we are walking into new areas of expansion. We have been partnering with others in Weppener, South Africa to care for the forgotten. We are now feeding about 50 children a day. We are believing God for the buildings to start the day cares. It is our dream to fully fund this project so we can expand. Ultimately we know God has called us to build a Hope Center in South Africa to bring hope to the multitudes. We also believe there will be other Hope Centers as we step into full partnership with the Lord and His servants.

The testimonies keep coming in of what God has been doing among those He has sent us to. I received this testimony recently from GSSM SA:
Quick testimony from one of our students…she prayed for a lady with Alzheimer’s, and spoke some of the “Who I am” declarations over her using your book. Since then, there has been a total shift in her demeanor. She is full of joy, sleeping appropriately, she has energy, is speaking clearly and more oriented. Woo Hoo, Jesus!!

There is power in the word of God when declared in faith! What really encourages me is that when I go to teach and equip, when what I share is applied and God who gives the release backs up His word with evident fruit. God is good!

I will be teaching at the Youth Power Invasion in Brasillia, Brazil this summer again. I will also be staying as a mom and minister to assist in watching over the youth and young adults. This trip is June 27-July 10. I love this trip! This year we are partnering with some of our ministry friends New Generation and others in a worship conference.

In April I ministered in Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York. One session I held a woman from Ukraine in my arms as the Lord healed her heart of homesickness and loneliness I was touched by the kindness of God that He would have me share about Ukraine so she could be touched by His love. Another woman has not been able to feel any emotion for such a long time. The Lord unlocked her heart and tears of cleansing love began to heal her soul. I rejoiced as the God of hope she transformed her. Another woman came in on a cane one night, I prayed for her and the next day she came without her cane offering chocolate as thanksgiving unto the Lord. These are only a few of the glorious testimonies of God’s healing grace.

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