May 2013 – Intrepid Heart Update


Dear precious friends,

When I see a life transformed as God’s love flows through my life I’m always in awe.  It is especially humbling when God moves in spite of us!  His love supersedes our weaknesses. This year had a very tough start for me personally; warfare, health and obstacles of my own heart needed to be overcome.  As I pressed into praise, rest and trust, God has given wisdom that is releasing transformation.  I have a new teaching set, “Covenant Life” that will be available soon.  It is actually something I need to listen to because as I was teaching I was learning!  I encourage you to get your set from our website or contact

Our responses to others should open a door of hope. One of the words of wisdom I learned from Ed Garner in our OTC is sometimes the person or circumstance you are resisting is the one who holds the key to your breakthrough. I find this to be true. OTC has been a huge learning curve for me. Below we have a description about OTC, but it’s the testimonies that have been astounding to me!

As we look at the life of the kingdom, Love is in the center of it all. Love will be tested. Love will be challenged, but Love will never fail.

1 Cor. 13:8 (Amp) “Love never FAILS [never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end].”

Thank you for your prayers, love and support! We pray for you and standing on the promises of God that you will prosper, grow in love, have all the wisdom you need, and grace that moves mountains. We pray faith, hope and love forever keeps you united to the Father’s heart.

From the heart,
Tracee Anne

Outpouring Transformation Center

“The Outpouring Transformation Center is designed to empower you to advance the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, disciple you, to stir up the gifts that were placed inside you, to increase your leadership capacity as an individual, and bring transformation to this culture through acting on the living Word of God.”

It is purposed to be an interactive and experiential immersion connecting you with other like-minded believers.

I (Bethany) attended the OTC held in Lancaster at the beginning of April.  It was delightful, refreshing and fun!  God used those intense hours together with about 40 others to bring my eyes back to the foundational parts of who I am in Christ, and the unique identity I hold as His creation.  It was so encouraging to interact with others in the process of the weekend, receive and go “all in” and see the rewards.  I felt OTC was truly beautiful and an experience in the love and honor of the Kingdom of God which is full of light and life.  There are faces imprinted on my heart, glorious diversity of the Creator displayed, of those who were also met by the Spirit of God face to face, provoked to love and became vulnerable to the group.  The climate for personal change, renewal and inner revival is so rich in each OTC, I encourage you to consider joining one yourself!

The next OTC is May 30-June 1.  Maybe it’s your turn for Transformation!

Israel, Brazil and “Intrepid Warriors”

Upcoming Intrepid Heart events!

brazilIntrepid Hope- Brazil
Reciffe Brazil Ministry Trip June 2-12

Martha and Tracee Anne will be going to Reciffe, Brazil to join Nic & Rachael Billman and Shores of Grace. We will be joining with their team on the streets of Brazil sharing the love of God. We also get the opportunity to do a “Father’s Love Banquet” for the prostitutes we will be inviting and Tracee Anne will be sharing a love message. We will be taking art & poetry love gifts, needed supplies and loads of love.

Here is a list of financial needs for this trip:

$1500 for the Banquet
$1200 for Travel
$1000 for supplies and gifts

Thank you for prayerfully considering a love gift towards this special life-changing project!

Israel Pilgrimage

When the Lord speaks it is good to obey His voice and follow His lead. The Lord’s instructions to us are to go to Israel for Pentecost. There was a tour I could do, but the Lord said this is not a tour. This is a prayer pilgrimage and a relational journey to discover His heart. Martha and I will be going to Jerusalem, Israel May 14-22. We have volunteered to serve at a conference on the weekend. We will be meeting with the head of a ministry we have been supporting with finances to feed the poor. We will be spending time at the House of Prayer serving the Lord in worship and intercession.

Please pray for our journey.

The beautiful picture at the top of this email is a rainbow over Mt Zion and the Mount of Olives in Israel.


“Intrepid Warriors” is completed and will be released very soon!

We will send out a special release notice when we have the date.  If you order it from our website, you can get a signed copy.

It will be available on our website and on with options for paper or Kindle edition.



It would not be possible to spread joy in Israel or Love through Recife, Brazil, or distribute “Intrepid Warriors” without partnership!

Sow generously by going to our website partner page or mailing your gift to:

Intrepid Heart Ministries
PO Box 13847
Ogden, UT 84412

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