May 2014 Birth Month Blessing


The Lord is giving you the gift of ‘fortitude’ this year. Fortitude means:  Strength; courage; resilience; grit; determination; endurance; guts; staying power; stamina.   You will be able to climb the mountains and run this amazing race of life with a whole new God given fortitude! Old limitations are falling off as God breathes this gift into every fiber of your being! Foresight is expanding with grace to accomplish your hearts desire.


    • Amy Blakslee on July 10, 2014 at 11:53 pm
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    Thank you for this blessing Tracy! In 2013 Doug Addison prophesied that people would get a new spiritual gift on their birthday in 2014. I felt like I kept hearing the word “solid” over me. I just came across your blessing for May birthdays and am so encouraged, because everything I’m feeling is the opposite right now. But I am pressing in and believing this is the truth over me!

    1. Dear Amy, I am very thankful that the Lord blessed you. Right before I received your comment I was telling a dear friend about the Birth Month Blessing Blog. I told her if it blesses 1 person it is worth it! Well you are worth more than Gold to Our Father! Love, Grace and Glory in Christ!

    • John Dick on July 29, 2014 at 10:34 am
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    Tracee, Thanks for friending me. I just read the may birthday blog since my birthday is the 22nd and it was a blessing. I needed that.!! My business has been enduring a deep drop off and so the words took me back into the trust the Father zone. Won’t make VOA, but will online it. Also, felt the urge to be praying for you and to tell you that we and Agape are under girding you with prayer and sending angels for protection like the mountains around Israel. Blessings to all. Really liked the 24th pics. Sally and I hit 35th this year. More Lord for both families.

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