May 2014 Update & Declarations

traceeMayBeloved Friends,

In this update I am sharing a Family Declaration and portions from my new blog, Birth Month Blessings.  The blessings can also be found on the Intrepid Heart Ministries website.  The Family Declaration has a powerful anointing to bring families into alignment.

The Birth Month Blessing is a new assignment the Lord gave me when I was in Israel. Each month I will be sending these out to bless the Father’s children with a gift from His heart!

True enrichment comes from the blessing of the Lord, with rest and contentment in knowing that it all comes from Him.
Psalms 10:22 The Passion Translation

Love’s Blessing,
Tracee Anne

Family Declaration
Tracee Anne Loosle

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Your faithfulness, Our Father, flows from generation to generation.
We are sons and daughters of a loving Father, grafted into His family through Jesus Christ.
You will give us a Father’s help every time we need it.
We are heirs of salvation, bought with the precious blood of the Lamb of God.
We humble ourselves and yield our hearts to you Abba.
We submit to You as our God and resist the devil and his forces of darkness.
We seek the kingdom of God first before all other things.
We bow our knees and hearts to honor and worship You our Lord.
Our mouths are filled with high praises of our God.
Our thoughts are aligned with Christ Jesus.
Through the power of the Blood of Christ Jesus and God’s resurrection power,
Which we have received, and through His Spirit, we are made new and whole!
We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
We are wrapped in the holy presence of our God and He is our victorious shield.
He delivers us from every evil trap.
His love is our Light! In His Light we see Light and follow His path of life.
His fountain of Living water fills us.
His Living Word instructs us.
We are blessed in our going in and out of all He calls us to!
We are blessed to receive our godly inheritance in Christ Jesus.
In all our ways we acknowledge Him and we declare as a family who is one with Him:
Your Kingdom come Lord
Your will be done
On earth in our lives as You have established it in heaven!
To God be the glory forever and ever, AMEN!

Birth Month Blessings!  March, April and May



This is a year to dream big! Let your dreams become kites and fly them in the winds of adversity as a banner of hope! Let God’s breath blow faith into your dreams so that they will soar and bring joy to you and those around you. It is not a time to shrink back in doubt. This is a year to contend and believe that no matter what, you will go forward and see the formation of promises coming forth.



It is said that April showers will bring May flowers. The tears you have cried in the past season have watered the garden of your life and vision. This year you will see a beautiful display of vibrancy and life in your key relationships. Your life is about to flourish and blossom releasing a fragrance of hope and love. The night season of weeping is turning into a joyful new dawning! You are a fragrant garden and peace is your portion this year.


The Lord is giving you the gift of ‘fortitude’ this year. Fortitude means:  Strength; courage; resilience; grit; determination; endurance; guts; staying power; stamina.   You will be able to climb the mountains and run this amazing race of life with a whole new God given fortitude! Old limitations are falling off as God breathes this gift into every fiber of your being! Foresight is expanding with grace to accomplish your hearts desire.



Thank you for standing with us as arms of support, prayers and resources in every way!  Richest blessings of abundance flow back over your lives as you sow into the Kingdom of Heaven.


Nothing is Impossible for those who believe!

Going and Sowing is at the heart of Intrepid Heart Ministries and Intrepid Hope.  Sow cheerfully now into good soil! Go  to our website partner page to donate online or mail your gift to:

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