November 2014 Birth Month Blessing


November Birth Month Blessing

I hear whispers of love, songs of joy and sounds of celebration as your struggles turn into triumphs. Moment by moment and step by step you are being calibrated to the cadence of heaven. This tempo will keep your feet marching to the voice of the Father’s will. His rhythms will lead you. His strength will fill you with overcoming life. Places that were constricted are opening up to kingdom possibilities.


In the Father’s Heart,
Tracee Anne Loosle

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    • Becky Roden on November 8, 2014 at 1:31 pm
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    Thank you so much for your birthday month blessing!!! I have waited since meeting you at OTC to hear the birthday month blessing for November!! Thanks for your servant’s heart. My son Peter and I share a birthday on the 15th and so does our foster daughter McKenzie!!! We’re all going to Shady Maple to celebrate!! Hahahaha! Anyway, I cherish you and what you hear the Father saying, so thank you!!!

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