So, surrender! Stand silent and stop your striving,
And you will see that I am God!
Psalm 46:10


I wrote this poetic reflection June 21, 2016, a work in progress. I feel to share it now before summer transitions into fall. I have pondered this and stepped into a place of practicing the Presence of God through wonder and silence. In July I preached a message, “Un-Plug to Power-Up”. It challenged me.

Our lives are full and much of it is wonderful and glorious. But some of our busy-ness is distracting, stress creating and energy zapping. Wonderful and glorious leads us to peace in life, and lasting fruit. The other could be what Jesus said would be burned in the fire for it did not come from the Lord. (See John 15)

As you read this reflection, I hope you are stirred to ‘Pause’ and find that quiet place of peace in the Lord’s Presence.

Love and Shalom,

Tracee Anne




By: Tracee Anne Loosle

Are you here in the now?
Do you see, can you smell, do you hear what is near?
Or are you caught up in another text,
A task to do, a tweet, a post, an instant picture,
Snapping as you chat, to move on to pair the scope?

Did you see the rose; the butterfly wings catch light?
The dawn of day, a gift…
We used to wonder-
Find cause for awe.
Has careless busy-ness of everyday business
Shaken you in the multi-tasking blender?

Lists and lists too numerous to count.
Have you lost the ease of being?
Concerned more with who to please.
Chasing the next one-liner;
The catchall phrase,
Increasing status of ‘likes’.

What about ‘summer solstice’…
When life slowed down,
Splashing in water,
Erasing the frown?
Time standing still it seemed,
For summer’s bliss and sweet by & bys.
Glorious sunset’s color and radiance,
Beckoning pause and rest.

Aaahh, such longing for what once was…
Wait, I can stop and gaze in to today,
And grasp that piece of heaven.
In a ‘Selah’ of time
To “pause in His presence”,
Take in the Divine.

One at peace again with Him,
He who created it all.
One at rest in the rhythm of life and light.
No hurry, no scurry,
No worry.

The flowers, the wind and birds in song
Calling, come be where you belong.
Take the moment to see,
Stop and hear the breeze.
The scent of creation filling your senses-
Awaken to life right here and now.
Don’t miss the moment though small it seems
To stop, to pause, ooh to relax.

Breath, aaahh I can breathe again!
Inhale, exhale; deeply…
For as time seemed to stand still
Once again I found my long lost friend.
But He was not lost,
No it was I who was lost.
Buried alive in a pile of ‘to dos’,
Suffocating in expectations,
Seeking man’s approval

Oh, but now I’m found in stillness.
The quiet rhythm,
My heart beating…
At rest,
Healing peace.

Blissful pause…
The wonder of it all
Forever etched in my heart’s pages.
Once again to enjoy
All of life’s stages.
Aaaahhh—truly I have found
Occasion for Alleluia!


    • Jeanette Sthamann on October 5, 2016 at 11:23 am
    • Reply

    I saw your web sight under the welcoming of Charidy Bradshaw so I thought to take a peek!! This is so beautiful, speaks to me, His presence is the best!!

    1. Blessings as you pause and go higher and wider in His presence!

    • Cheryl Osborn on July 30, 2017 at 9:47 am
    • Reply

    Perfect <3
    Daddy led me to read it as soon as I got up this morning. I met you at the airport yeaterday. It was a pleasure meeting you…a divine appointment 😉 nothing is ever truly lost when your eyes are focused on God <3
    Blessings my love <3

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