Serving in South Africa!


As you may know, Cindy Carnahan invited me along with her a few years ago on a trip she was taking to Weppener, SA and introduced me to Abe and Lilian DeFin.  The Lord called me join in their partnership, and we have now been partnering in prayer and finances with Abe & Lilian for the past few years.  It is an honor to serve with these precious friends.  You may not know this, but Lilian is Smith Wigglesworth great-granddaughter!  She and her family carry the same fire, love and faith in God that he did.  I have learned so much from Abe, Lilian, Cindy and their respective families.  I have grown in love because of who they are and how they love.

Cindy and I will be traveling in December to visit the children we are serving, and we are eagerly anticipating seeing the new daycare building and partnering with ACTS Church there to celebrate Christmas!  We would like to raise funds to purchase supplies for the daycare and educational services provided, as well as prepare for 2 more buildings that may be donated to us.

The vision the Lord has given us for S. Africa is to eventually have a Hope Storehouse.  The Hope Storehouse would include supplies such as food, clothing, education materials, blankets, medicine and nutrition supplements to reach more people in the communities.  We have shared this vision together as a collective family.   In each step that we have been taking forward, the Lord has been faithful in expanding the little we have given Him to make a significant impact!

Each day a local couple that is dedicated to the community and the plight of the children serve their meals.  Each child gets a plate of pap (African rice dish), a vegetable and a different protein- fish, meat or soya- and on Sundays juice and cookies are added.  The cost of providing food for one child per day is about $.50.  Each month the total cost is about $900 for these simple, but very significant meals.  This monthly budget does not include the vegetables from the garden, which did exceptionally well last season.

Please prayerfully consider sowing into this mission. Faithful friends like you are the reason we have been able to partner in this beautiful project!  I need to raise these funds for this compassion ministry trip:
Expenses: $2000
Funds for Christmas project:  $1000
Funds for supplies:   $2000
Total:  $5000
…and know that it will be well used if we do!  To donate, simply click or mail your gifts to
Intrepid Heart, P.O. Box 13847, Ogden, UT 84412.

Thank you & bless you!  Remember, all your giving to IHM is tax deductible.

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