Sow Into Israel As I Go!

Dear friends,

As I prepare for Israel I felt the Lord nudge me to share with you that perhaps you would like to stand with Israel at this time, but cannot go.  Well you can sow and go with me through your gifts!  Your seeds are planted into good soil!  I would like to take the names of all those who sow and pray for you while I am in Israel!  My mission is to pray and stand with Israel.  I will connect with at least two ministries who minister to the poor in Israel. Now is the time to stand, connect and align with the heart of God!  The Lord’s direction for me are to go, pray, listen to receive instructions, to love and serve His people.

Recently Doug Addison said this in a word posted on Elijah List; (

Significance of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

This will be one of the more significant Jewish New Years!  During Rosh Hashanah, (September 28-30), a massive shift will begin to happen.  Jewish people believe that on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur (October 8), God decides the fate of individuals for the coming new year.  This year will be a time of demarcation and set the pace for the next few years.  It is an amazing and strategic time to be alive! Doug Addison InLight Connection

This is the very time the Lord directed me to go! I will be in Israel September 17-October 10.

Today there is a word on Elijah List by Matt Sorger and I encourage you to read it;

This is another confirmation as to what the Lord has spoken to me.

I am doing a 10-day cleansing fast spiritually and physically.  It has 3 steps physically that the Lord is applying spiritually: Purify, Capture, Remove.  The Lord is preparing me to go. He is purifying every place in my body, soul and spirit.  He is capturing everything of the enemy so He can remove it.  I will go as a prepared vessel.

As I go and sow myself into this land, would you sow into this trip?  Your prayers and financial support will reach many as you sow into the land of Israel!

Shalom and blessings,

Tracee Anne

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