Spring Lovelutionary Update


Heart Update:
Transition & Move; Brazil & Columbia


He’s steadfast in all he does.
His ways are the ways of righteousness,
based on truth and holiness.
None can rival him,
but all will be amazed by him.
Most sweet are his kisses, even his whispers of love.
He is delightful in every way
and perfect from every viewpoint.
If you ask me why I love him so, O brides-to-be,
it’s because there is none like him to me.
Everything about him fills me with holy desire!
And now he is my beloved—my friend forever.

Song of Songs 5:15-16  (TPT)

Mission Update

Dear friends,

My love for Jesus, Our Father and Holy Spirit is what fuels every step of my life. The Holy Three are the Center of every Lovelution Journey. The verse above ignites my heart with a ‘yes and amen!’

In the midst of our move and transition from Farmington, Utah to Riverside, California, I had the joy of embarking on two Lovelution Mission Journeys. My first trip was to Rio de Janerio, Brazil from February 28-March 8; then Cartagena, Columbia on March 10-18.

Both trips were Holy Ghost adventures filled with the power of God’s healing, saving, delivering, and Glory Love Fire. It was wonderful to return to fields ripe for harvest. What a joy to feed the hungry ones fresh bread from Heaven’s revelation. It was pure delight to partner with Holy Spirit to see chains removed, souls saved, bodies healed, leaders refreshed, the works of the devil destroyed and the glory of the Lord revealed.

The Lord sends me to forgotten places and (most of the time) to those who cannot pay for my way. Your partnership touches the ones waiting for breakthrough, healing, fresh bread,  the oil and wine of heaven. Thank you for believing with us to go and sow! As you sow, you go with us!


In Brazil we saw a very significant sign of God’s power manifesting in the Rio region. The pouring rains came the first night. There we saw everyone healed who came forward for a specific word of knowledge regarding backs. The power of the Lord was with us to heal and to call forth destiny, releasing people into the fullness of His life. The church received a new prophetic name and mandate, “House of Champions: Called to raise-up champions.”

Debbie Healy, a precious friend, went with me. The second night we were at a new church plant. These people are a passionate, prophetic/apostolic company releasing the kingdom. I had not been to before and the expectation of God’s goodness was in the atmosphere. It began to rain heavily during the service. Rain was coming through the roof. The electricity went out briefly during worship.

When I stepped up to minister, the atmosphere of fear and oppression shifted to one of hope, faith and victory. Many testimonies came flooding in after the gathering. Many were delivered from debilitating fear. Migraines left. Oppression lifted. Hope infused the atmosphere, giving faith a platform to manifest. God’s love took action through prophecy, miracles, words of knowledge, signs and wonders. At the end of the service the senior leader shared this testimony:

“When the electricity power went out, it went out all over the region. It was still out in the region. The only place in the community with light/power was the church.”

This was an old building they had just begun to refurbish. They did not have a generator.

I felt it was a word for the church: the Power of God will not be put out and His Light is shining bright in the darkness!

When we finally left the building it was still pouring and the streets were overflowing with rain, some flooded to where you could not drive. The church was still the only structure with lights in that region.

Here is the next part of the testimony. I had told Debbie and my translator the day before about a prophetic word I received years ago:

“When you come into a city and the rains flood the streets in a time of unexpected rain, know the angel Breakthrough has gone before you and is with you for this place to experience revival.”

This is what happened from the first night of ministry into the meetings at all three cities we visited. We saw the Lord bring hope, healing, restoration, awakening and faith to continue believing His promises.

The evident signs of breakthrough and promised revival fueled hope. We know this move of God is releasing reformation to regions to bring transformation!

Many Carnival block parties were cancelled due to the deluge of rain. Carnival is a festival centered around demonic worship, lust and the flesh. The enemy has ran rampant in these festivals for years. I was invited to assist leaders in changing the spiritual atmosphere in their region. At the end of the trip these amazing statistics for Carnival were shared with us…crime went down 31%!

I also had the opportunity to conclude a Youth/Young Adult Conference. I was invited to come prophesy and minister to them in their last session. It was an amazing “suddenly” surprise. A precious part of this gift was getting to minister with Zoe Lily, who is a spiritual daughter and friend. The Lord came in power as He had me declare over them they are the Dreamers Generation filled with His power to destroy the works of the enemy.

The Lord sent me on a special mission to break curses off of two key leaders who preside over a large church and network. They had been experiencing some of the worst warfare of their years in ministry. The Father gave me very clear direction. With His power and authority I publicly broke off the attack of the enemy and prophesied into their overcoming future! Afterward, they shared what had been happening. They were deeply grateful, encouraged and filled with hope.

It was a powerful Lovelution Journey!


In Columbia I was part of a team from MorningStar. We served at a Prophetic Round Table, Conference, and Leader’s Summit. We also were sent out to regional churches in Cartagena. I was sent to a small, weary church in the worst and poorest neighborhood. The Lord gave me a word of hope to share. I was able to release healing and impartation.

The two students from MSU had multiple Words of Knowledge. The three of us were a Holy Spirit power team. We released the sound of the HEAL Mandate into the region. You can find info about our HEAL Mandate here:  https://intrepidheart.org/heal-mandate/

I partnered with the Lord to break off assignments of the enemy. Plus, he gave me strategic words which the intercessors there are now praying into. It was an honor to serve and go.

Thank you for praying, sowing financial gifts, and standing with us. Together we are releasing the sound of Lovelution! Old systems are passing away and the Kingdom of God is manifesting at the sound of His voice!

The earth was rocked at the sound of his voice from the mountain,
but now he has promised,
“Once and for all I will not only shake the systems of the world,
but also the unseen powers in the heavenly realm!”
Now this phrase “once and for all” clearly indicates the final removal of things that are shaking, that is, the old order, so only what is unshakable will remain.

Hebrews 12:26-27


Shalom and holy love,

Ministry Update

I am praying into a historic California Highway 99 Prophetic Intercession Journey. This journey is fueled by the I-7/I-9 Word the Lord gave me. Here is a link for this word: https://intrepidheart.org/vision-i-7-i-9/

Please pray for me to connect with the God assigned leaders. I will share updates regarding time-frame and how you can partner with me and the team.

I have the opportunity to embark on multiple Lovelution Mission Journeys this year. We are invited to return to Brazil for a two-part Lovelution journey, to be part of a team to Scotland, to walk out a dream/vision in South Africa, and to assist a team in Israel this fall.

I am in a great place to complete some writing projects!

Tracee Anne & Randy Update

Our move and transition was quite an adventure in and of itself. As I have begun to settle in, unpacking and organizing our new home, Randy started a 5-month project with his work, temporarily located in El Segundo, CA. The company he works for housed him a in a quaint little apartment in Redondo Beach, where his backyard is the Pacific Ocean. He is able to come home to Riverside one weekend a month. I get to go there to see him as my schedule allows.

I’ve always dreamt of a beach home, and this little place is an oasis of rest and refreshing for us. It is amazing to have God bless us with a dream someone else is funding. We are seeing the evidence of God’s goodness. It is a turn-around miracle season.


You can go donate on our website:

Or, mail your donations to our secure locked mailbox:

Intrepid Heart Ministries
Tracee Anne Loosle
20424 Canaan Circle
Riverside, CA  92507

Please agree with us for 25 new financial partners NOW, and 50 within the next year. This is what I am hearing God has assigned to us to accomplish all He is sending us to do. Our agreement with His purpose unlocks the storehouses of heavenly provision.

A Prayer For You

Our Father,

Thank you for each one who has taken the time to read this newsletter. Thank you for faithfulness in prayer and standing with us. Thank you for Your glory anointing being imparted to them. I ask Father, in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ and through the Power of Your Holy Spirit, grant them the desires of their heart. Lead them into all Truth as they walk with You each day. Show them the Way to go. Multiply their resources and grant them favor. Fill them with Your Life. Reveal to them Your wisdom and understanding. Open effectual doors to share the Good News! Heal every place in their lives, family, work and ministry. Cover them with the Blood and Glory of Jesus Christ. Thank you for continually surrounding them with Your wrap-around love. AMEN.

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