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August 2017 Birth Month Blessing

Live In Peace – By Tracee Loosle 10.19.11

The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace. Psalm 29:11   Blessings of Peace! I pray that your forward movement is not stopped! I say this because I have had a couple of experiences recently that I have pondered. I literally was stopped in my tracks when …

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It’s 11:11

Tracee Anne Loosle Original August 2010 – Revised August 2011 This word has been progressive this past year. I have added some new insights, so I am reposting it. We will have 11/11/11 this year…Where will you be? What will you believe? For years 11:11 has had significant meaning for me, but recently the Lord …

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Forgiving Yourself

This week I have been processing the inner healing ministry I went through last week. There were a lot of emotions that surfaced. I really needed the Lord to reveal to me what was going on because I felt like I would not be able to move forward. He led me to watch a recording …

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Filled Up At The No Worries Cafe

Filled Up At The No Worries Cafe A Prophetic Word for 2011 Tracee Anne Loosle On January 2nd of this year, my husband Randy and I were looking for a place to eat. We were celebrating his birthday early as I would be out of town on the actual day. I really wanted to take …

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Heart Refining, Life Defining

Heart Refining, Life Defining Tracee Anne Loosle July 2011 Recently I watched a health focused show with professing Christian faith based doctors. It was fascinating. The discussion that has remained with me the strongest was about new evidence about the causes of hardening of heart arteries. There are studies that show hard water that is …

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From Our Hearts, Youth Power Invasion 2011

From Our Hearts From Tracee Anne Greetings Beloved, I have a lot on my heart to share. Following the Father can be a precarious journey. There are times when the path is so narrow and the light afar off, yet when we pause, rest and listen we can find Him leading us in every step. …

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