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It’s 11:11

Tracee Anne Loosle Original August 2010 – Revised August 2011 This word has been progressive this past year. I have added some new insights, so I am reposting it. We will have 11/11/11 this year…Where will you be? What will you believe? For years 11:11 has had significant meaning for me, but recently the Lord …

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Forgiving Yourself

This week I have been processing the inner healing ministry I went through last week. There were a lot of emotions that surfaced. I really needed the Lord to reveal to me what was going on because I felt like I would not be able to move forward. He led me to watch a recording …

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Filled Up At The No Worries Cafe

Filled Up At The No Worries Cafe A Prophetic Word for 2011 Tracee Anne Loosle On January 2nd of this year, my husband Randy and I were looking for a place to eat. We were celebrating his birthday early as I would be out of town on the actual day. I really wanted to take …

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