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Dear friends,

When we pray and agree with the Father, all of heaven backs up His desires. As I was unpacking I found a pink stone that Lilian DeFin had given me a few years ago when I was in South Africa. The rock is pink quartz and has a label:

The Lord My Helper

I held the stone up before the Lord and began to decree: “Ani Adonai Jehovah Ezer—The Lord My God is My Helper.” The very next morning during worship, I was pressing in to the Lord as it truly has felt like a time of ‘dire straits’. He downloaded this decree! My prayer is that you will also know God in this season as Jehovah Ezer—The Lord Our Helper.

The Lord My Helper–Decree

Tracee Anne Loosle – July 19, 2015

Samuel took a single rock and set it upright between Mizpah
and Shen. He named it “Ebenezer” (Rock of Help), saying,
“This marks the place where God helped us.”
1 Samuel 7:12 MSG

We trust in the Lord,
Ani Adonai Jehovah Ezer;
The Lord, our God, is our Helper.
We arise in faith-
He meets us when we call to Him.
He releases all the help we need.
Hope opens the door of unlimited blessings,
Pouring out from Heaven.
We are aligned with God’s promises!
We’ve said “yes” to His Holy assignment-
We agree with His Word.
The power of agreement propels His angels
To come and perform the voice of God’s Word.
All the enemies of our soul scatter
As grace and glory fires come like a flood.
All that Jesus Christ’s blood purchased,
It cannot be kept from us.
Here He comes,
The Lord Our Helper,
Jehovah Ezer.
He is our Ebenezer,
Our Rock of Help and strength.
We shall not want!
In His presence, He restores.
By brooks of bliss
He leads and refreshes.
We sit with Him at His banquet table;
He feeds and strengthens us,
Healing every breach.
His supernatural Glory oil pours out-
Empowering us to move forward:
“Go and possess the Land.”
His goodness and unfailing love
Follow us every day as we abide in Him.
Lord we trust you!
Hallelujah! Jehovah Ezer, the Lord Our Help!
To You we give Thanksgiving and Praise,
Glory and Honor, Wisdom and Power, AMEN!

For the Lord Yahweh will act and carry out his word
on the earth, and waste no time to accomplish it!
Romans 9:28 The Passion Translation

We are going to declare this for 40-50 days. Please join us!

Blessings of breakthrough, grace, and glory,

Tracee Anne Loosle

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  1. Hi my Blessed Sister in the Lord! I was highly blessed by the Lord this weekend at Kainos Life Min..Just want to thank the Lord for sending a dear leader in the Body to bless us. Read Psalm 23 decree, and it was wonderful! I am thankful for God is so faithful. With His help I will stay on the wing of His Plane!

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